Maker Day

Two days ago it was maker day. We did two activities, I did Solar Boats and the diction maker. I liked both of the activities that i did. The first activity i did was solar boats. We had to make a solar boat you have to make a boat in 45 minutes to 1 hour. The day was a fun day and i really enjoyed the activities.


In robotics our group have been making a tank bot. A tank bot is a robot that can go over and through things that get in its way. I am making the program for the tank bot so it can move and trample over objects in its way.


Today in scratch I am making a game that you have to make it through all the levels.    When you get to the end of the level you go to the next level. There would be 7 levels and they would get harder and harder. When you finish the game you are going to get a trophy saying good job you completed the game.


My favorite moment of camp.

It was when we went to the flying fox. The flying fox was my best moment because it was really fun and I enjoyed it the whole way. I got really nervous when I was going down the ramp to go off the flying fox. When you go off the end of the ramp it is a bit scary but when you start going down then you realize how much fun it is.