Book Week

Today it is book week. Book week is a week about books. The theme for this year is books light up our world. You could come dressed up as a book character or the colours Red,Yellow and Black. I came dressed in the colours. (Red, Yellow and Black) You had to bring some money for the indigenous literacy foundation.

Scratch with the Year 2s

Today we went down to the year 2s. We went down to year 2s because we were going to show them the games that we have been making in Scratch. When we got down to the year 2 classrooms we had to split up into two groups to go into the two rooms. I was paired up with Sam. We went with Mitch, Sam’s brother. I showed my maze game and Sam showed his soccer game. It was a fun time showing the year 2s our games and they got more of an understanding to play my maze game.




In scratch I have been making a soccer game. There are two teams, Aston Villa and PSG. There is only one player on each team so you have to play tactics if you want to win. I am still making the game but it is going to be a challenge to make the people kick the ball into the goals when you press space bar. I am still programing the people to kick the ball and dribble the ball up the pitch. When I finish the game I am going to make a maze game that you will have try and get through the maze without touching and obstacles that are in your way.


In scratch we have been making games that we will be showing to junior school. We have to have at least one game to show them. I am going to show them my racing game. My racing game is a two player game.. All you need to do is keep tapping the keys till you get over the finish line.


This is my holes reflection.

The main character is Stanley. Stanley went to Camp Green Lake because two shoes fell off a highway and landed on his head. The shoes that fell off the highway cost a lot of money and they were going to get given to charity and charity were going to sell them and get the money. The famous baseball player’s shoes that fell off the highway were Clyde Livingston.


Camp Green Lake is a place that is open. There are people there who have done something wrong. They go there and dig holes in the blazing hot sun, if you find something that Mr Pendanski likes you get the rest of the day off. All the boys at Camp Green Lake have all different nicknames.


In the huts that the boys sleep in, the bed that Stanley uses is named after Barf Bag.


When the boys go out to start digging their holes they all stand in the same order every time they do it. When they are going to get their shovels Zero goes and gets the smallest shovel so he doesn’t have to dig a bigger hole than anybody else does. Half way through digging their holes Mr Pendanski comes along with a water truck to fill the boys drink bottles up so they have enough water till they are finished their holes.




In scratch I have been making a car racing game. To make a scratch game you need.

Step 1. I made my game from, thinking about what my game is going to be. Then I picked a car racing game.

Step 2. Then I had to choose the characters that you are going to use. I choose two cars that were going to go on the track. next I had to make a program for the two cars to go forward into the finish line.

Step 3. Next I had to make the track for the cars to go on. I made two lines, one at the bottom and one in the middle for the cars to race on..

Step 4. Next I was up to experimenting if the game would work.


scratch 2 scratch 3