In robotics we started to make a program that plays a tune and when it is playing the tune I am going to make the robot go in a circle five times. It is going to be a challenge to make it play a tune when it is spinning around in a circle. It has been fun so far because I haven’t done robotics before and I have learnt a lot of things.


We have been working on a program for scratch. Scratch is a web site that you can make games on and lots of other things. The game that I am making on scratch is going to be car racing game. There is going to be two cars racing each other on the same screen. The cars are going to race around a circle track into the finish line.


When we started to do our programs we had to try do make the robot do something. I have done one program and I am working on a program at the moment. The program that I am making at the moment is going to make the robot go backwards, forwards and side to side. It is going to be a difficult program to build but I am up for the challenge.

Thursday Sport

In sport we could chose to do the 1500 meter run or stay in and do some running with the teachers. I stayed inside and did some running with the teachers. We did some continues relay. So the first person starts running then the rest of the line follows. When you get back to the starting line the person at the front of the line runs a solo lap. When the whole line finish the first team to sit down wins. I thought that the relay was fun.


Today in robotics when we stared off with finishing the robot and trying to make the robot pick up the box that we had made I the first session. It was tricky but we kept trying to make the robot pick the box but it was really hard to make it pick the box up but we made it pick up the box and complete the task.

Then we started to improve on our programs that we had started making in the session before.


In tribes we did an activity about you favorite food, toy and color and we had do the activity on a sheet of paper that had a circle and in the circle it had a triangle. In the triangle we had to draw somebody that you admire. In our tribes group we have Harry.H, Joy, Harriett, serji and I.


Today in maths we did an activity on spinners. We had to use a website on the computer that had a spinner on it and a results page for when you spin the results come up after you spin. We had to draw a table to write the results in fort he spins. here is some pictures of our activity we did today.

Chart spinnerWIN_20150715_105135