Yesterday we went to the Lego education center. We did three activities they were Building Billy carts, building fares  wheels and doing programing with robots.

The first activity we did was building Billy carts out of Lego. It was really fun and challenging. The challenging part was making the Billy cart going down the ramp because our Billy cart wouldn’t go down the ramp. After we found out what happened to the car we had to make some changes to the car so it could go down the ramp.

The second activity we did was making the fares wheels. We had to make them from scratch. we only had a box with the pieces that we needed. It was really fun making them and playing around with the wind and the sola panel station. After we had made them we went around to the two different stations the wind and the sola panel station. the wind station made the fares wheel go the fastest.


Maths Question

There were 36 boost bars for the year 5s and 60 for the year 6s.

If split into equal groups and not mixed, how many chocolate bars would the year 5s and year 6s get?

Can you find 3 possible answer?

The thinking that I did was, first I thought of was the two numbers that I was going to use for my question then I thought about was who I was going to us


This is a piece of writing I have been working on in writing. It is about the Snow.

It was amazing! It was snowing. It was so awesome! I just wanted to go and play with it. I immediately thought about having a snow ball fight with my sister.

I raced out to the snow. It felt awesome. I picked up a big handful of snow and threw at my sister powerfully. I never thought that snow could of felt like this. It was so soft as feather down pillows. I would hope that I would be snowing the next day.


Yesterday we went to senior school for our Allegro program. Allegro is a program that you do in year 5 when you pick a instrument to play for the year, I picked to play the clarinet, have been playing it for the year and I have been enjoying it.

This is my first year at this school and I have enjoyed playing the clarinet this year.


Today in design we made our pulley work but we haven’t made the top part were the cup of water falls into the funnel and goes into the cup below the funnel. After water goes down the funnel into the cup you take the cup out behind the funnel and drink the water.

But our machine works I every other part except for the top of the pulley but we are still doing the machine over and over again to make shore the machine works really well over and over again.




In reading I started to read the diamond brothers books I am reading the my second book The Blurred Man. the book is a mystery and crime book and it is really great book. I would recommend to read the books.


In design we made a few new things to our machine like a pulley and the bridge and the train. The bridge and the train part works like, there is a car launcher that starts the section off and after the car launches the car hits a train that is on the bridge. After the car hits the train, the train hits a marble down I tub.

Our pulley works like, a marble gets hit by dominoes, after the marble gets hit the marble goes down a car track and goes into a cup that goes down and the other cup goes and hits something at the top of the box.