Digi Teaser Post

We have some great trick shots up our sleeve to show you on presentation day.

We have a few more shots to film and then we are in production stage. I think this film will be worth maybe showing at the year 6 Expo.

When it comes to trick shots you might be in the right place. Because I hope you are excited for our project .

Digi Update Post

We have started filming some good trick shoots and Bottle flips. Some of the shots have been really fun attempting them and when we get them in we have some fun celebrating.

Our project has changed alto in the past few weeks. We were doing trick shots and then we decided to do bottel flips in the film so now there is two mini parts to the film.

I have found the type of shots that we have attempted to make a bit different to what I thought it would of been in the first place.


Zoo Reflection Post

This Project is about lend a voice to a endangered animal in the SOS 10.


We started off going onto the Act Wild website and choosing one of the animals that were on that page. Then we started writing down facts onto a word document about the animal that we have chosen. I choose the animal because I have been interested to learn more about the animal. The next stage was writing our script into a word document using our facts that we have gathered. We spent 1-2 weeks writing our script and perfecting them. I think writing the script was one of the hardest things to do in this project.

Excursion to the Zoo

The Orangutans were out and about a lot when we were there so we collected a lot of footage on the day. There was a place at where the Orangutans were that was a supermarket with products that had Palm Oil in it and some products that didn’t have Palm Oil in it. It was one of the most interesting things there because when you scanned a product it would come up on a screen saying if it was bad for the Orangutans or good. For example Shampoo that is bad for the Orangutans because it contains Palm Oil.


The hard part was putting the film together. it took me about 2-3 weeks to make the film the I could make it.                                                                   When we started to edit I came along some problems. Like the music was to loud and my voice overs weren’t the best they could be.


We had one session to  look a peoples sheet and give them constructive feedback and helpful feedback.

Here is some feedback from some other people about me film….

I enjoyed the film and it made me care about the animal – Harro

I liked all the videos of the animal. Like what Harrison said, it made me care about the animal – Harry Santa

I liked how you said the food with palm oil in it-noah:)

I liked how you gave us a lot of examples of what palm oil is in – Sam

I liked how you explanned palm oil. -Max

i liked how you explained why they are indangered – Ben

Good job, your voice is very clear in your voice over. The music suits the footage very well, and the volume of the music is great. Your script is very good and it made me care about Orangutans a lot. Good Job Gus <3 ily!!!! – Aimee

Good facts you used. I like your clear voice-overs. I love your footage. Good piece to camera – Steven

i liked how you said why they are indangered and called them relatives – Henry

I liked how you added in the main reason why they’re endangered and where they live – Jack

great music and voice overs. spencer
love your voice over and its cool how you told us what foods have food oil.

i really liked your music choice-0lly.

This is my final film….



I think that we should all go to the Act Wild website and make a changed to not make these endangered animals endangered.

Digi Post #2 Term 4

With our Digi this term Noah and I are doing a trick shot video. We have thought about the type of trick shots. We are doing all different types of trick shots. Like Bottle Flipping, Frisbee trick shots, Basketball trick shots and some more.

We have started filming. Noah has already gotten started on some bottle flipping stuff and we have filmed one or two basketball shots as well. The bottle flip shots are the hardest of them all because for one of them we had to make it land on the top of a balustrade. It toke us a lot of tries because it was hard to land because you had to throw the bottle high in the air. The landing is the hardest part because the bottle sometimes doesn’t have something around the bottle so it makes it easier for the bottle to land. When ever we tried the trick we had to try and land the bottle in the very corner.

I think Noah and I have started off well because if we leave the filming to late we might not to be able to finish the film in time.

Digi Post #1 Term 4

This Digi Noah and I are going to make a trick shot video. We are thinking that we are going to use Blitz Balls. They are balls that are used for Baseball practice because it curves really well. We thought it would be fun to try out. We are going to use other sports like Basketball, Soccer, American Football (NFL) and Frisbee.

We have an idea about what trick shots we are going to do. Like Throwing a blitz ball from the other side of an oval or half way from the cricket pitch and then make it hit the stumps in the cricket nets.


Digi Finale

Yesterday Max and I presented our Digi Amaze Us. We finally finished our Minecraft world. A few weeks ago we decided to work together because max didn’t have much things on his Minecraft world and I  had some things to show on the day.

The journey was a short journey but it was fun. I think if we did Digi again I will do something different like Trick Shots. Tricks shots are cool because there are no limits. Like going on top of a roof and throwing a basketball into a basketball hoop. Or going on a balcony and throwing into the driveway and into a bin at the bottom of the driveway.

The things that we did well was working on our worlds and working together. I think if we worked together next time we should decide to work together from the start.

The challenges that we had were making all the things that we had to make like the soccer pitch and Nandos.


Advertising Film

For Kids By Kids

On the first day of our activity we got a e-mail from our client and her name was Tracey. Tracey sent us an e-mail telling us what she wanted us to make. She told us she wanted us to make a promo film. For Kids By Kids.


The next stage was researching. We had to research about the shots and the locations. We had to make a shot list with all the shots and the places that we could go at the location. Example Eastern Beach. The skate park. We would go and get a drone shot of the skate park when people are doing skating and more things.


The locations were…

Eastern Beach (6C)

Balliang Sanctuary and Leisurelink (6B)

Torquay and Super Tramp (6A)

When they different classes went to these locations they had to film and get footage for their film group. The locations are locations that will be fun for kids. Torquay is a fun place for kids because there are very fun places like the Beaches, there are fun playgrounds and shops.

Balliang Sanctuary and Leisurelink.

They are fun places because they have some fun things to do like going down water slides and there is a water playground. They nature is amazing and the new bike track was a very good place to go and have some fun on jumps and much more.

Eastern Beach

They have some fun playgrounds and some fun attractions along the beach like volleyball and much more.


My challenges have been space on my computer with converting all the footage onto my computer. Coral has been really frustrating me becuase it has been very lagy and it just hasn’t coped with me well.




Netherlands Culture

I think the Netherlands Culture is different then ours because they play different sports and some of the sports are a bit weird. I think some of the dutch food sounds delicious and some sounds a bit disgusting. Most of Netherlands religion is 11.7% Roman Catholic.

I think the Australian Culture is different to the Netherlands Culture because the sports we play are quiet different to the Netherlands sports because they play field hockey and we just mostly play hockey on an Actual hockey pitch. Our foods are a lot different to the Dutch foods because the names are a lot different to the Aussies food names like Meet Pie, Sausage Roll and more.

If i lived in the Netherlands I would feel greeted more quickly then some people in Australia. I wouldn’t be used to being called sir/madam.

Digi Teaser Post

My digi is going well with my Minecraft world. I have been working on it and I am very excited for the sharing stage of our Digi.

I have been working hard to try and make my first sport center of three. The three sports centers are a Soccer pitch, a Basketball court and a AFL pitch.

Things I should do better..

I should Manage my time better.

I should make sticky notes on my desktop for what I have to complete by the due date.

I think I have been doing well with my soccer pitch with making all the details on the ground and off the ground.


Reading Blog

This week i have been reading Samurai Kids. It is about a kid that has one leg. It goes through his progress as a samurai kid. I think it is a good book because it is a interesting story and if you like interesting things you would like this story.

When you read this story you mite be confused about the type of text.