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edtrfSoul surfer by Bethany Hamilton

I have just finished Soul surfer witch is an amazing book that I recommend to everyone who wants a good read.

The story is about Bethany Herself. If you don’t know who Bethany Hamilton is she is a professional surfer who got her arm bitten off by a shark. The story is about how she recovered her faith and how she re-learned to surf with one arm and the story from her perspective and her experiences like making the movie and dealing with people wanting to interview her and actually getting back to surfing. Throughout the story she kept mentioning how this is Gods path for her and if she follows his lead and spreads his message everything’s going to be alright.

It starts off telling you about her life before the attack and how she discovered surfing, why she loves it and about her faith and family believes. Then it talks about the shack attack and what it was like and how everyone acted and reacted. And then she talks about how she learned to do things differently. The last part of the book she talked about new ways she can share Gods Message like making the movie. it had a bit at the end talking about making the movie from casting, script writing, re-re-re-re script writing, production, editing and of curse the final cut but it was actually quite funny because Bethany made them all go to Tahiti to make the surfing look perfect and authentic with bigger more powerful waves

Anyway if you want to know more READ THE BOOK its amazing and I think its an inspirational story everyone should read  🙂 🙂 🙂


HARRY POTTER and the Philosopher’s Stone By  J.K. ROWLING

Hi again,

I have just finished Harry Potter and I LOVED IT. It was AMAZING and I think everyone should read it.

      Spoiler alert       spoiler alert       spoiler alert

The book is about Harry Potter who thinks his an ordinary boy until he receives a Letter saying he is a wizard and to go to Hogwarts and the things he will need. So he goes shopping at some witch/wizard shop and gets all the stuff he needs and off he goes to Hogwarts and starts wizard school. He is famous at wizard school and turns his a natural on a broom stick. He is the first, first year to be aloud his own broom stick (and a very good one called The Nimbus two thousand. So he plays for his house and wins each time it records the game in the book. Ron and Hermine earn 50 points each and Harry earns 60 points for Gryffindor, after defeating Voldemort for the (for the second time for Harry). These are the last minute points that win Gryffindor the house championships and sylvan for the first time in seven years. Anyway it was a grate book and YOU SHOULD READ IT JJJ