My learning so far this year

  • What have you been learning about in Inquiry?  So far in inquiry I have learnt about photography, film and we have also started audio. In photography I have learnt lot of rules I will put my power point in another  post when I workout how. in film I have learnt how to make a film and an interesting fact about film making is that 60% is prep, now that’s a lot. in audio I have learnt about all the different types of microphones like the shot gun mic it is used to aim the sound in the direction of what you are filming so you don’t get all the noise from the camera crew.
  • What have you been learning about in English?

In English I have learnt how to write a seed in more depth. I have learnt how to use commas and how they can change the meaning of a sentence.

What have you been learning about in Maths?

in maths I have learnt about roman numerals, e.g. I=1  V=5   X=10. you have to put the bigger number at the start unless you are writing say 4 were there is another letter that means one more than the number you are writing so you would wright IV

What have you been learning about in your specialists subjects?

In music I have been learning how to play keyboard. I am not very good but I found G. In drama we have been learning about improvisation and theater sports.



me as a reader

Me as a Reader:  Record some information about your reading habits and what you enjoy reading. You might include; what genres you read, reading materials, your favourite authors, your favourite book, whether you read frequently or a little.


I love to read. I read a bit too long sometimes but in the end I manage to put my book down. I enjoy reading history books, fantasy, school stories and Roald Dahl (if that counts as a genre). I go off and on what I like out of those, at the moment I am enjoying history books from around the 1500.