lego mindstorm

I found the programing system confusing because the blocks didn’t give me the information I needed. My programs didn’t save properly and were wiped from the robot. I enjoyed building it was quite fun but I didn’t get to build much but it was still fun. when we showed the teachers the program it wasn’t there it was wiped from the robot so I had nothing to show but I did make half a program but it didn’t save properly. If I had a chance to do it all again I would continue trying to work out what all the blocks mean.

robot programing

In robotics our robot is starting to work I have fiddles about with the programing and   wrote a program, I didn’t really know what I was doing but it made my  robot move forward then do a dog wine and it repeats 100 times.


This term we are working in robotics we are making and programing robots. It is super fun and challenging. A problem our group is having is the batteries only work for a couple of minuets then they die,  we are trying new batteries charging them tonight hopefully they will work.


this is one of the programs I have written but I am not shore what it dose lego mindstorm