learning post | week 8B


In Maths this week we continued with our backyard project. I have even bought a Kelpie named Edie (he’s so cute), Anyway I have already explained the project so there’s no point in explaining it again. So I am liking how it’s coming along 🙂 We have also started a new project called “My life in numbers” basically what we have to do is find a number that has something to do with ourselves and write an equation that equals that number.  


In English this week I have written a peace that is pretty much bringing out all the sad emotions. I think the reason I wrote it is because it’s easy to write about anything sad really, and it almost always tapes into their emotions. But I have mainly been publishing.  


In Inquiry this week we have added the final touches to our films and submitted them to the K-drive. As you know Mia and I have done a promo film for landy field. So on Friday we watched some of the films 🙂 🙂 🙂 

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