learning post | week 7A


In Maths this week we have started a new project were we have to re-design our backyard, we have a $10 000 price limit and can choose the stuff we put in it from the Bunnings, Miter 10 and Masters websites to find prices we also have to use rough measurements. I have really enjoyed this project so far and hope it will continue to be this much fun


In English this week I have been trying to think of an idea to start a seed on. I didn’t end up publishing a peace I wrote about someone opening a fortune cookie with a scary message in it because it didn’t have like any emotion in it and it didn’t have much meaning to it, over all I didn’t really like it so I didn’t waste  any more time publishing it. I did find a picture on google that I think could make a pretty good peace and t haven’t used a picture as a seed fore quite a while so hopefully it will turn out well.


In inquiry this week I have started to edit my landy field film. We have not quite finished filming yet so we will have to go back to landy field. I have gotten the discus from Mrs Ratcliffe and now I just have to wait till Friday (witch is when Mia and I have planed to film)

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