learning post | week 6B

This week lots of our subjects were interrupted by swimming so this post will be a bit shorter and less detailed. I have also been really tired this week because I have been in the pool 7 times in 5 days so here is my all subjects learning post for this week.  


In maths this week we had a maths test. I think I did pretty well, all the things on it were quite easy (though it was a year 4-6 test so I think it should be easy because I am year 6). we also had maths groups and this week we have been focusing on perimeter and the difference between perimeter and area


In English this week I started, finished and published a perspective peace about an animal being caged called “in my cage”. we have changed the conferencing stage to this little checklist were three people give you feedback and then you conference with a teacher.


In inquiry this week we have still been working on our personal projects. Mia and I have finished our shotlist and on Thursday after school we went to landy field to film. At landy field we filmed Mia high jumping (her specialty) and her running on the track. On Saturday morning we will be going back to film on some stuff we didn’t have access to yesterday 🙂 🙂 🙂

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