My learning post | week 5A


In maths this week I have continued with the algebra sheet witch was fun I am stuck finding a question only with one letter that I don’t already know but I have found knew letters so now the problems look like. We have also done another algebra problems that are a bit harder so it takes a bit longer to do each problem but its still algebra so I guess algebra has been our focus for a couple of weeks 


In English at the start of the week I had a bit of writers block until in masterclass when I went to Mr panckridge’s session witch was all about thinking about an idea for writing. He gave us a couple of examples including one about a little boy who is very ill and this old man comes into his hospital room and says he’ll be all right the twist is that the old man is the little boy from the future….  


In inquiry this week we have started a new project 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 The project is a Personal Film Project. Mia and I are doing an Advertising film for Landy Field. We have done quite a bit of brainstorming and Mia has already got some footage from her Digi witch she did on a high jump training session so we might use some of that. Anyway I am really excited about this film project and cant wait to get into it.

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