Zoo Conservation film


The first thing we did was choose an animal from the SOS10 list. I chose the Australian fur seal because I wanted to find out more about the seal and they seemed like beautiful animals. Next we had to research our animals, I got most of my facts This website: http://www.actwild.org.au/animals/seal/    with my new found knowledge I wrote a script.

Excursion to the Zoo

Then we went to the zoo to get our footage, all the people doing the Australian fur seals and the lions got put in the same group so we were going from the seals to the lions and back to the seals… and so on. So we went to the seal show and we were all filming that so when it finished I started to pack up the DSLR (witch was the camera I was using) and Mia was waiting fore me. We saw the others leave but we just thought we’ll catch up so I finished packing up my camera and Mia and I set off to find the others but we got to the end of the path but there were like 10 different directions they could have gone so we went back to the seals and filmed our voice overs. We were just finishing up when they came back and found us.  


In the editing process we started by culling unwanted footage and converting the rest and putting it on the K-drive. Then we put it into Corel do our voice overs and add music. I didn’t get to the adding music part so when I got to feedback well you’ll see…


As I said before I didn’t add the music so lots of people told me to add in music (witch I was already going to do but didn’t know what music to put in) so I found the Samsung song and just put it into my film. Another thing I had to do was mute some videos and stuff like that that I didn’t notice. 

My film:

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