Learning post | week 4B


In Maths this week we have been working on algebra. We started this sheet were you have to figure out the letters for each letter of the alphabet, we started with two letters and had to try to figure out what the others are using the algebra problems.


In English this week I have been struggling to come up with an idea to start a seed on, I had a conference on my War peace but I’m not sure how I am going to publish it because it kind of goes off and on from letter to what he is thinking, if anyone has an idea on what I could do please leave a comment 🙂 🙂


In Inquiry this week I was editing my zoo film. Our first draft was due on Tuesday, when we assessed each others films. Then we made changes to improve our films. I had to mute some footage and put in music witch I had to download and put in. I submitted my final film today !!! 🙂 


What have you needed to do to prepare for your project?

I have been diving for a while now and I have always done it at the senior school pool. I will need a camera to fiplaninglm a couple of training sessions with but it wont be too hard to get all the things I need.

What types of shots have you included in your shotlist?

I have mostly used voiceovers and text on screen for dialog and for the shots I will be using films of me diving and time laps of me editing and that sort of thing, the reason I didn’t add in a peace to camera (PTC) is because when I will be filming I will be wet…

What is the next step for you?
Next I will move onto the production stage 🙂 🙂 🙂

Learning post | week 3A


In maths groups this week we have been working on an on going project were we measure and mark out angles on an image of our choice. along with that there roughly 20 minuet guru sessions on ways to mark and measure angles.


In English this week Mr Wade came in and did poems with us, I wrote one about an apple witch was pretty much what everyone wrote about so…yeah.


In inquiry this week we have started editing our zoo films, as you know I did mine on the Australian fur seal. So I culled all the footage I wont be using and started putting it into Corel. and started to think about music and cool editing effects.

learning post week 2B


In maths this week we have been working a bit on algebra. We have done function machines were what goes in is X and what comes out is Y, I will give you an example of the function machines   X is 2 then Y is 4    X is 5 then Y is 10    X is 4 then Y is 8     so if X is 3 what is Y


In English this week for writing I have been researching and collecting information about whales. a few of the facts I have collected are: The scientific name for the killer whale is Orcinus Orca.   The killer whale was once called “whale killer” by sailors who saw it attacking whales. Over time, the name was reversed.   The killer whale is also known as sword whale, assassin whale and blackfish.

we have also started the second book of hatchet, it’s called the river, by Gary Paulsen.


This week we went to the zoo. The reason we went to the zoo was to film our SOS save our species project. When we had done a bit of filming I was packing up the DSLR camera that I was using the others left but Mia said she’d wait for me. We saw the way the others went and thought we could catch up so I finished packing the camera up and went down the path we saw them go down but at the end of the path there was about 8 ways we could go and they could of decided to go. So we went back and decided to film our peace to cameras.


Welcome to iproject term 4. This term I have decided to base my iproject on diving, by the end of this term I would like to be able to do a new dive

What is the purpose of your project? 

The purpose of my iproject is to try to improve my Diving skills and hopefully get a new dive 😉 and our school swimming and diving sports are coming up + next year I have APS Diving 😉 😉 😉

What is the message you are communicating?

This iproject I’d like to do something different because all my other iprojects I have made bracelets but I wanted to do something different like I said before

 Who is your project for?

This iproject is for me to improve my diving skills and go better in competition.

What are you looking forward to?

I am looing forward to improving my diving skills and having a film in the end of my progress 🙂