my learning post | week 9A


In maths we had a maths test. It was the Post test, I talked about pre and post tests in my last learning post. I feel like I did better in the post test but I didn’t get to the problem solving part ­čÖü over than that I feel like I have improved


In English I have started a new seed about war. I think I will wright it in letter form, like from a soldier to his mum. I wanted this seed to  be really detailed because I feel like it will improve my writing.


In inquiry┬áI am working on my Advertising Film to try to get it as good as┬áI can. It is too fast and has no music and┬áI am yet to do eastern beach so it still has a lot of work but I’m plugging away at it. fingers crossed┬áI will get it done┬ábefore Friday.┬á


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