Choice day

Yesterday we had choice day, Choice day is were you get to choose an activity to do for period 3 and 4. These were our choices

We had to number these from 1-8, then the teachers agonized us into groups with people from years 4-6 in one of your preferences. I got sewing, basicallchoice-day-activitiesy we sewed these paper mobiles. I learnt how to use a sewing machine witch was quite fun but not my first preference. We sewed with paper instead of fabric or felt witch was one thing I didn’t really like about this activity but other than that I enjoyed it but we wouldn’t of had enough time to make anything much bigger. Next time I think it would be better if we had more time so we can make something bigger and better.


Geelong By Kids For Kids Promo Film

It all started with an email to Mrs Stafford from Tracy who is from Tourism Grater Geelong and the Bellarine asking if we could make a promo film for Geelong. I am talking about out term project to make a film with the brief Geelong For Kids By Kids. I will talk you through the process I went through to get to the final product.

Brainstorming – Brainstorming was the first step, was the first step to making my film. We had to Brainstorm about were we would like to go and what we would like to have in our film.

Shotlist – Then we made a shotlist, writing down all the shots we planned on doing.

Production – I was pared up with Emily for the day. We had two excursions to get the footage for our Advertising film project, the first one on Tuesday we went to Supa-Tramp and on Wednesday we went to Torque, at supa-tramp I did the rock climbing and Emily (my partner for the two days) filmed, then she bounced and I filmed.

Culling – Next had to cull a lot of our bad footage and footage with photo bombers. I could only keep ‘Gold Footage’ footage that stands  out.

Editing – Then its time to edit. Editing for me took the most time, basically I had to put the videos into corel and add some things like slow motion time laps and reverse. Next add music and not to forget to credit it. Then render it was done 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

My Advertising Film ⤵   ?

my learning post | week 9A


In maths we had a maths test. It was the Post test, I talked about pre and post tests in my last learning post. I feel like I did better in the post test but I didn’t get to the problem solving part 🙁 over than that I feel like I have improved


In English I have started a new seed about war. I think I will wright it in letter form, like from a soldier to his mum. I wanted this seed to  be really detailed because I feel like it will improve my writing.


In inquiry I am working on my Advertising Film to try to get it as good as I can. It is too fast and has no music and I am yet to do eastern beach so it still has a lot of work but I’m plugging away at it. fingers crossed I will get it done before Friday. 


reading log | week 8B


This weeks thyme:

Comic Strip: Create a 4 part comic strip about an event from your book. Don’t forget speech bubbles!  Draw it then scan it into your blog page

Mine is the first page of a book that was my nana’s called five on a hike together. Here it isComic Week 8B

RVE culture post | Jamaica

For my second country I did Jamaica.

I enjoyed making my Jamaican pages and adding information as I went, but I forgot my book the weekend  🙁 🙁 🙁  so it was a bit late. Anyway it was a good fun projecWIN_20160905_180424 (2)t to do and a nice satisfying result.

In the end it all went well 🙂

my learning post | week 8B


In maths this week we were doing revision for the post-test, we have already done the test before but that was the pre-test. The reason we have to do a pre and post test is to see what we have learnt. So in maths I did some revision on my division.


In English this week I finished my piece on time and am looking for something too start a seed on. I would like to conference my piece on time but I will have to wait till its time for my group to conference.


In inquiry this week I have been using every second on my Advertising Film. I Honestly don’t think my film will be chosen but I still want it as good as it can be.