Reading log | week 7A

This weeks thyme

Who / What am I? Think about a character, setting or thing from a recently read book. Create at least 8 Who/What am I? quiz question. Ensure each clue adds information from the clue before, leading to the most obvious clue at the end.

See if you can get these in the comments. keep in mind my book was set in 1894 a-waltz-for-matilda

  1. I have 4 legs, I eat hay apples and carrots.
  2. I am Dirty old and you put me on your feet
  3. I am made of straw and you can ware me
  4. I come and go, full of water were the swagman made his famous leap of death
  5. I’m made with a paper nib and ink carrying a message
  6. I am fluffy and live on the farm
  7. I am carried by people waltzing there Matilda
  8. you use me to boil water on a fire

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