my learning post | week 6B


in problem solving we had to hand our books into our homeroom teachers. I have completed all my questions, the two I fount toe hardest were the one were you have to find the distance from Bluff to Emerald and the one were A high School installs an intercom system. All 20 classroom 2 staffrooms and office are individually connected. How many connections are there? 


in English this week I continued with my tick tock piece. I am about to write about the core of time breaking and explain how that must be slowing time down. we didn’t have much English because we were on an inquiry excursion 1.2 days witch I will tell you about ⤵  😉



in inquiry this week we had two excursions to get the footage for our Advertising film project, the first one on Tuesday we went to Supa-Tramp and on Wednesday we went to Torque, at supa-tramp I did the rock climbing and Emily (my partner for the two days) filmed, thenSONY DSC she bounced and I filmed. when we got back I dumped all the footage on my laptop. Then at Torque  just filmed as we went, when we saw something we liked we filmed it. when we got back we just dumped all the footage on our laptops and went home.

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