my learning post | week 5A


In problem solving I have finished last weeks two problems. The first one is about a pipe, this is the question. at first I thought the answer was 28 because 20 divided by 5 is 4 and 7 times 4 is 28. Then I realized that to cut a length of pipe into 4 pieces you would have to make 3 cuts, and for the 7 pieces you would have to make 6 cuts. So the answer is 30 not 28.230063-bigthumbnail


in English this week I have continued with my tick tock piece. I am up to were he enters the grand clock. next I will add him seeing it, a magical object that he needs to fix before time ends.


in inquiry this week we were mostly preparing for our student lead conference or SLC’s so I will just tell you about that. So because this is the inquiry section I will tell you about the inquiry part of my SLC, so first I showed my mum how to attach a camera to a tripod witch all went well. Then I showed her a web cam and the clicker that goes with it. I also showed her the cameras that we used in intro to photography and some of the rules to go with it.

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