my learning post| week 4B

Hello hear is my learning post for this week, enjoy 😉


In problem solving this week we got two problems, but the first one was very easy and I solved it in about 4-5 minuets. The second was a different story, it was very difficult. the second problem was: A high School installs an intercom system. All 20 classroom 2 staffrooms and office are individually connected. How many connections are there?  I found this problem difficult but I got there in the end, my answer is 271


In English I am continuing with my peace about time called Times Up. I am almost half way, so far I have got my seed done and I have gotten to finishing the introduction. Baily has just about finished her draft on the first part, we’ll se how the series goes. 


In inquiry this week we have been working on our promo film shot list. In the shot list there are 4 parts one labeled Duration were we wright the amount of time that shot should go for the next is labeled Shot type this is were you have to write what type of shot you are planning to do. the third one is labeled Location (point of interest) this is were you write were you will be filming, and the last one is labeled Action witch is were you write what you will be doing

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