iproject| week 3 and 4

757048714d414d8dd8466f802cdd18f9Hello for this post I will tell you about my iproject plan of attack,

This fortnight you need to have a confirmed idea/project. You are now require to make a Plan of Attack for your project.

What to do,

For this iproject I am making Scoobies (Bracelets made from stretchy plastic strings). I will be just making some and trying new better more complex bracelets.

When to do it,

I will just do it bit by bit, and see how I go. there are lots of things you can do with scoobies and I have lots of Scoobie strings so I will just go with what I feel.

and How to do it.

I will just kind of do it, I will use YouTube to find out more patens and just see what happens.


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