my learning post| week 3A

Hello hear is my learning post for this week. 🙂 🙂 🙂


we got our second problem this week about a ball that is dropped from 128m and it bounces half the height it was dropped from and how far it will have traveled by the time it strikes the ground for the sixth time. I was going pretty well until I realized I had forgotten to add when the ball goes up so I doubled it and took 128 to get my answer 380


In English I have conferenced my Fire peace, Everyone seemed to like it and I will publish it soon. I have started a new seed called Times Up. Baily and I are making a kind of series about Time starting with her story The pocket watch, Then mien Times Up. we may or may not make more.


in inquiry we have been asked by Tourism Geelong and Bellarine to make a short advertising film for Geelong, it will be titled By kids for kids. this film is to Advertise fun things for kids to do in the summer. I can’t wait to get started!! 🙂

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