Reading log | week 2B

My reading log this week is based on ‘The girl from snowy river’ By Jackie French. I find this book inspirational because its about a girl who goes thru rough times but just pushes thru and keeps a smile on her face. plus there’s an awesome ghost from the future 🙂the-girl-from-snowy-river

Theme: Choose a recently read book. What morals or messages do you think the author was trying to impart to the reader? Explain, giving examples from the book.

I think the main message was to keep going and think of good things. This book is set in 1919 world war 1 still casts its shadows across the valley in Australia, Flintily (the main character) at 16 is to look after her younger siblings. Her older brother Andy is droving for the year to clear his head from the war.



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