my learning post| week 8B

hello, this is my learning post this week


in maths groups this week I learnt that chance also flows with fractions decimals and percentages. We also filled in a sheet with some activity’s but right when I finished and was going to go and ask Ms Stafford for another sheet there was a fire drill alarm, so we all evacuated to the oval.


in inquiry this week we did our first draft conference. These conferences are just like writers workshop conferences, but for our TED scripts. some of the feedback I got was:

I needed to add a sortie as an egsample of all the stories, I also need to read it louder.


in masterclass this week I went to the guru session, we had a photography scavenger hunt. we had to take a photo of different things. the only thing I didn’t get was the thing with a shadow because it was misty all day today, the sun was behind a cloud so there was no shadows. 🙁

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