iproject expo


For my iproject  presentation I had a picture of a bracelet that I made, for my iproject I made some bracelets and I will sell them tomorrow. the expo went pretty well, everyone who came said they like the idea. Lots of people said they would like to buy one. unfortunately Mrs Russell didn’t reply to my email so there will not be a pink day. ???

My learning post| week 9A

 Hello, this is my learning this week


well we didn’t really do maths this week but in maths groups time we are doing crowd investigation  on Excel. mine sort of worked but I think I may have got the number wrong for one of the places. I am studying the crowds of the Taylor swift world tour 🙂


in English I have been working on a peace of writing called ‘Fire’ its about a fire. I am also waiting for a conference, I was also working on a TED script


In inquiry we have been doing TED scripts. I have just finished recording but I would like to re record the first session of it.

iproject| week 7 + 8



I have decided I would like to extend my iproject so I will still sell the bracelets but I would also like to have a pink day were all middle school will dress in pink and bring a gold coin donation (for breast cancer). I have emailed Mr Panckridge and Mrs Russell, so at the moment I am just waiting for a response. I have also made some more bracelets. I think I will also sell some hexa-flexagons (witch are hexagon shaped peace of paper that switches colour when you flex it) because they were poplour when I brought some I made to school.

my learning post| week 8B

hello, this is my learning post this week


in maths groups this week I learnt that chance also flows with fractions decimals and percentages. We also filled in a sheet with some activity’s but right when I finished and was going to go and ask Ms Stafford for another sheet there was a fire drill alarm, so we all evacuated to the oval.


in inquiry this week we did our first draft conference. These conferences are just like writers workshop conferences, but for our TED scripts. some of the feedback I got was:

I needed to add a sortie as an egsample of all the stories, I also need to read it louder.


in masterclass this week I went to the guru session, we had a photography scavenger hunt. we had to take a photo of different things. the only thing I didn’t get was the thing with a shadow because it was misty all day today, the sun was behind a cloud so there was no shadows. 🙁

reading log| week 8B

hi all9622286

hear is this weeks reading log:

Book Recommendation: Choose a recently read book to recommend to others. Explain your choice.

My book recommendation is “A waltz for Matilda” by Jackie French.

it’s about a girl called Matilda who starts off working long hours at a jam factory sticking labels on the very hot tins of jam, to urn 3 shillings, (about 30 cents).  Now I don’t want to spoil it, it gets very interesting very quickly which is one of the reasons I liked so much. 🙂