reading log| week 7

Hello this is this weeks reading log ūüėČthe-girl-from-snowy-river

Poetry: Choose a character, setting, event or whole book as inspiration to create a poem. Use any style you like such as free verse, rhyming, haiku or acrostic.

I am still reading the girl from snowy river,

In my book she has broken her back and just got a weal chair for her birthday, her friend just got back from war (world war 1) and has introduced her to his new “friend” who was a nurse at the war. Andy¬†her¬†older brother also came back from war but didn’t come home till¬†later because he needed time to himself.¬†before she did her back she did an amazing horse race to round up brumby’s at a brumby muster. but this poem is about the setting and from her brother Andy’s point of you.

My book is set at snowy river on “the rock farm”,¬†Onto the poem:

It takes me a moment for me to take it all in,

the red dust, the smooth rocks, the slim river and tall trees

its nice to be back to home sweet home

no guns, bombs or trenches just the familiar home.

It’s not very good but it’s all I have. ?


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