My learning post| week 6B


In English this week I have been filling my writing log. the reason we keep a writing log is to keep track of what we do in our writing time. I didn’t realize how much writing I acutely did and I find writing and it is a good way of organizing what I am doing. I also edited and published my “It” peace.


in inquiry I have changed my topic from “camping” to “family” and I have started my script. I think I will use a story from camping as my “story” part, so I have basically just started my TED talk script.


in maths groups on Friday I did Miss Torney’s guru session. the focus was relationships between fractions decimals and percentages. We did an activity were you set 4 cards up in a square and each card has a price on it one had $100 another had $120, $150 and $200. then you had to set up arrows that had things like 50%less on one side and double on the other so you would put them between $100 and $200. Sorry some of the photo got chopped off but $100 was under $200 and $120 was under $150.WIN_20160520_151601

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