reading log| week 6B

the-girl-from-snowy-riverAuthor Inquiry: What do you know about the author of the book you are reading at the moment? Use the book and online information to find 8 interesting facts about the author. Also locate and record 2 other books the author has written.

at the moment I am reading the girl from snowy river, by Jackie French.

onto the facts:

  1. she was born on November 29 1953
  2. she  got her awards from her novels although she did lots of great picture books
  3. she moved into the bush at the age of 20
  4. She really loves to do gardening and also had presented gardening segments on certain TV series such as Burke’s Backyard
  5. she wrote Rain Stones as her first children’s novel in the hope it would raise enough money for car registration
  6. she has written over 140 books.
  7. she has won over 60 national and international awards

3 picture books Jackie French has written are, “fire” “flood” and “diary of a wombat”

5 novels Jackie French has written are, “a waltz for Matilda” “the forgotten pearl” “to love a sunburnt country” ” Ophelia” and “Hitler’s daughter”


2 thoughts on “reading log| week 6B

  1. yes!!!!!! it’s an awesome book!!!!! you should read it but you should read “A waltz for Matilda” first (I think it’s the best book I have ever read) ????????????????

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