my learning this week| week 4B


in one of the maths groups session I learnt (re caped) how improper fractions work (+we got to use pizza ??) so for example 1  1/4  is also 5/4 it’s just a quicker way of writing it. A way off working it out is say for 5/3 you have to think 3/3 are 1 + the 2 from the rest of the 5 it would be 1 2/3


In English this week I worked on a peace called “It” its about a beast and someone really scared of it. The beast is called it. I didn’t describe the “It” so you can paint your own picture in your own head.


In inquiry this week we did the ted talk analysis sheets. we analyzed videos some we chose others the teachers chose for us. When we had analyzed the video we filled in a sheet about it.

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