learning post | week 7A


In maths we just did revision so I got a friend to wright a random two numbers on a whiteboard and I found the highest common factor of those two numbers.


In masterclass Mia and I used a peace I wrote in writing and added to it so we have a new peace about fire, we have added a set and we had an idea to make it from an animal’s perspective.


In inquiry I have been working on my ted script, the first draft is due tomorrow. My ted talk is about why family is so important.

reading log| week 7

Hello this is this weeks reading log 😉the-girl-from-snowy-river

Poetry: Choose a character, setting, event or whole book as inspiration to create a poem. Use any style you like such as free verse, rhyming, haiku or acrostic.

I am still reading the girl from snowy river,

In my book she has broken her back and just got a weal chair for her birthday, her friend just got back from war (world war 1) and has introduced her to his new “friend” who was a nurse at the war. Andy her older brother also came back from war but didn’t come home till later because he needed time to himself. before she did her back she did an amazing horse race to round up brumby’s at a brumby muster. but this poem is about the setting and from her brother Andy’s point of you.

My book is set at snowy river on “the rock farm”, Onto the poem:

It takes me a moment for me to take it all in,

the red dust, the smooth rocks, the slim river and tall trees

its nice to be back to home sweet home

no guns, bombs or trenches just the familiar home.

It’s not very good but it’s all I have. ?


My learning post| week 6B


In English this week I have been filling my writing log. the reason we keep a writing log is to keep track of what we do in our writing time. I didn’t realize how much writing I acutely did and I find writing and it is a good way of organizing what I am doing. I also edited and published my “It” peace.


in inquiry I have changed my topic from “camping” to “family” and I have started my script. I think I will use a story from camping as my “story” part, so I have basically just started my TED talk script.


in maths groups on Friday I did Miss Torney’s guru session. the focus was relationships between fractions decimals and percentages. We did an activity were you set 4 cards up in a square and each card has a price on it one had $100 another had $120, $150 and $200. then you had to set up arrows that had things like 50%less on one side and double on the other so you would put them between $100 and $200. Sorry some of the photo got chopped off but $100 was under $200 and $120 was under $150.WIN_20160520_151601

reading log| week 6B

the-girl-from-snowy-riverAuthor Inquiry: What do you know about the author of the book you are reading at the moment? Use the book and online information to find 8 interesting facts about the author. Also locate and record 2 other books the author has written.

at the moment I am reading the girl from snowy river, by Jackie French.

onto the facts:

  1. she was born on November 29 1953
  2. she  got her awards from her novels although she did lots of great picture books
  3. she moved into the bush at the age of 20
  4. She really loves to do gardening and also had presented gardening segments on certain TV series such as Burke’s Backyard
  5. she wrote Rain Stones as her first children’s novel in the hope it would raise enough money for car registration
  6. she has written over 140 books.
  7. she has won over 60 national and international awards

3 picture books Jackie French has written are, “fire” “flood” and “diary of a wombat”

5 novels Jackie French has written are, “a waltz for Matilda” “the forgotten pearl” “to love a sunburnt country” ” Ophelia” and “Hitler’s daughter”


my learning this week| week 4B


in one of the maths groups session I learnt (re caped) how improper fractions work (+we got to use pizza ??) so for example 1  1/4  is also 5/4 it’s just a quicker way of writing it. A way off working it out is say for 5/3 you have to think 3/3 are 1 + the 2 from the rest of the 5 it would be 1 2/3


In English this week I worked on a peace called “It” its about a beast and someone really scared of it. The beast is called it. I didn’t describe the “It” so you can paint your own picture in your own head.


In inquiry this week we did the ted talk analysis sheets. we analyzed videos some we chose others the teachers chose for us. When we had analyzed the video we filled in a sheet about it.

iproject| week 5 and 6

copy4-1380234418-breat-2hello this is my iproject post 😉

for my iproject I will be making bracelets with the breast cancer logo on them and sell them at school, so I have just been in my room working away on the bracelets, I also found a website that (I think) I will be donating the money I make to it will be linked The website

this link will open a new tab with the website on it 🙂 .

personal post|week 5A

hello hear is this weeks personal post this week ;),

This weekend (Saturday) was united week for the netball club I play for. On Friday night Mia and I hade a sleepover at Mia’s house. On Saturday morning I had to be at ammos by 8:30 and because we hadn’t planed the sleepover (other than after school on Friday) I didn’t have my netball stuff with me. we had to leave Mia’s at about 8:10 and I was still a few min’s late ;( . My game of netball was a bit of a rip-off because I only got to play 1/4  of it. After both our games were finished we just hung out at the club. 🙂

reading log|week 5A

hello 🙂 this it my reading log.     this weeks task:

Watching Words: Locate 6 interesting words from the books you read this week. These might be words that challenged you, words that were new or words that describe the characters/setting etc well. Write a short definition of these words.

bath chair

a bath chair is like an old fashioned weal chair.?


ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps


sadness or regret.


 wild horses which inhabit the capital’s hinterland.


hidden so as to wait in ambush for someone or something.


wound or injure (a person or animal) so that part of the body is permanently damaged/missing.









my learning this week| week 5A


In maths this week I learnt how to change improper fractions into mixed numerals, or the other way around e.g. 5/3 is also 1  2/3. and the other way around 6/4 is also 1  2/4.


In English I have got a peace in conference about a fire. I also have a peace in conference about a beast called It. I also edited it and it is back in conference.


 in inquiry this week we worked on our TED talks, I have just started my script weighting. my idea is about camping and why it is so important and why it is important to spend time with them. 



personal post| week 4B


For my personal post this week I am going to tell you about netball, I play netball for ammos and we versed Newcomb. We won 37 to 9. They weren’t acutely that bad they just couldn’t shoot and then we got the rebounds. I got into the A team but at the start of the season I only played ½ a game but now I am playing ¾ of a game and enjoying the ¾ of the game I’m playing.