this weeks reflection| week 1A


In maths we have a project were we have to make a short film about a 3D shape with a story line. It has to include a 2D net of the shape. A 2D net of a 3D shape is were you take apart a 3D shape and connect the 2D shapes in a way that if you fold it back up you get the shape you started with. it also has to include how many faces, edges and vertices your shape has.


This week in inquiry we made mystery film. I have an other post on that so if you want to know more about that look at that post. 😉


In masterclass I went to the Guerue session. In the Guerue session we looked at ways we can publish our writing and things we can use. 😉 Using these ways I think I should have no trouble getting my message across to the audience.

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