Personal post

Hi everyone

this week for my personal post I am going to tell you about my family. there is:


Daisy is my little sister and I love her to death. She is a grate sister. I like playing pranks on Oscar with her like hiding his PlayStation controls. 🙂


Oscar is my big brother and he is usually annoying but I can sometimes get thru to him and play pranks on Daisy,  like putting vinegar in her toothpaste 😉


Mum is grate, she sort of runs the house. I love her so, so much and could not imagine life without her.  😉


Dad is not around much because of work but when he is I love him so much. He is good at teak so that is a help. 😉

iproject plan of attack

copy4-1380234418-breat-2My plan of attack is to start off just making as many bracelets as possible. By about week 6, I will start making posters and putting them around the school. at about week 8, I will go around to each of the classrooms and selling them in week 9, I will donate the money to a breast cancer place (witch I will also need to find). Hopefully it all goes that smoothly I will have an extra week just in case 😉

reading log |week 3A

Catching the Reader’: Think about the book’s title, front cover design and blurb; does it entice the reader? Complete a PMI.


it looks nice.|its a grate story |lots of description |lots of things happen | it always makes you want to just keep reading9622286


the blurb gives half the book away. (if you are going to read this book don’t read the blurb)


not sure what you mean by ‘interesting’


just a quick update on my iproject. I have decided to make friendship bracelets with the breast cancer simble on them, sell them and donate the money I make to a breast cancer website :). sorry I cant get a link ;(

personal post

Hi this is my personal post

I play netball for ammos, it’s lots of fun;)

This Thursday at training we mostly did fitness. I was really really really tired after it because at the start of the day in 2nd period (witch was PE) we did some sort of an on going netball game. After that we had the lightning penmanship school sports at (I chose netball). and that’s when I started fitness, YAY!!!


This term we are doing a thing called iproject witch is were you choose something you would like to achieve by the end of the term, sort of like an un school related goal. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I have decided to try to make 100 friendship bracelets, like these one⤵     When I get to 100 (if I get to 100) I will try to make 150.


This weeks learning| week 2B

This week I am combining maths and inquiry

This week in maths and inquiry we made an animation about a 3D shape. this film has to include the shape, its net and how many edges, faces, vertices and if any apex. I will have a post with the film on it when I have finished editing it.


this week I started a new peace of writing. I have decided with this peace I will just focus on description 😉


reading log| week 2B

Powerful Sentences: Choose a sentence or a section of the book which you consider to be ‘POWERFUL’.  Rewrite the sentence or section below and then record WHY you think the writing is powerful.     My powerful section:

Matilda’s skin crawled cold, despite the steam. That shape was Tommy, half buried in the still bubbling jam.

The reason I think this small section is powerful is because it really describes how Matilda is feeling, it’s short sharp and sweet.  😉

reading log| week 1A

Term Two Goals:  What new genres would you like to explore and why? This term I would like to try fantasy. I would also like to read more history. 😉  What reading routine will you follow this term? I will mostly read at night but if I know I will be out late that night I will read before I go. What other reading goals do you have? I wo9622286uld like to get throe this book (it’s really good.) I would also like to find a new series to read. 🙂