this weeks reading log

138434-ml-869640Plot Analysis: Write about a brief plot outline on one of the books you have read this week. If you haven’t finished a book this week record the events so far and then predict how the book might end.

My book is Lady Jane Grey a Tudor girl from the 15th century. King Henry v111 has died and her cousin Edward is crowned King. She is pushed around as her parents please to try to get her closer to the throne. her parents forced her marry The fourth son of the duke of Northumberland. that is what I have read so far but from another book I know that she becomes a queen for 2 days then gets executed.

what surprises me about this story is that she would hate to be queen from the other book I read it seemed like she was the one who tried to become queen just so she would be queen. from that book I thought she was just nuts, her parents did a good job of hiding what they did.


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