this weeks reading log

138434-ml-869640Plot Analysis: Write about a brief plot outline on one of the books you have read this week. If you haven’t finished a book this week record the events so far and then predict how the book might end.

My book is Lady Jane Grey a Tudor girl from the 15th century. King Henry v111 has died and her cousin Edward is crowned King. She is pushed around as her parents please to try to get her closer to the throne. her parents forced her marry The fourth son of the duke of Northumberland. that is what I have read so far but from another book I know that she becomes a queen for 2 days then gets executed.

what surprises me about this story is that she would hate to be queen from the other book I read it seemed like she was the one who tried to become queen just so she would be queen. from that book I thought she was just nuts, her parents did a good job of hiding what they did.


my book


Character Analysis: Write about a character from one of the books you read this week. Include personality aspects, physical attributes, what you liked/ didn’t like about them as well as an event this character was involved in.

Physical attributes

My book is written in diary form so I don’t know what she looks like. The main character is called Lady Jane Grey. The story is set in the 15th century. I imagine that she wears long pretty dresses made of maybe velvet with some gold on them. She probably wears expensive jewelry and possibly a real fur coat. This is because she comes from a very rich family. It doesn’t have a description of her looks because it is a diary.


Lady Jane Grey is usually kind but sometimes she has a hot temper. Her parents want her to be Queen but she doesn’t want to, when her mum hears her say she doen’t want to marry her cousin and become Queen, she doesn’t speak to her for a whole week which must be pretty hard for her. Also she hates her parents because they treat her very harshly and when she is sent to live with other people (witch happens a lot) she notices how much nicer they are.


what I did and didn’t like about my character

I like how she doesn’t complain about anything even when her parents try to make her queen. I don’t like it how she just hates her parents and cant talk to them about anything.


an event she was involved in

well her dad is a duchess and her cousin is King so she is involved in lots of roil events. She doesn’t know this yet but she is more involved than she wants to be.


138434-ml-869640This week I have been reading Lady Jane Grey. It is a history book written in diary form about a Tudor Lady from 1547-1554. This book is about a girl hoes parents want her to marry her cousin the king so she can be queen but she hates  the idea of being queen.

writing Self-assessment

hello this is my writing self assessment

things I have learnt about writing:

~It is more enjoyable to read if it is quality and not just a long boring pace

~it is usually  a better pace if it is about something that has happened to you

~you have to re read your writing to make sure it makes sense

what am I good at:

writing about things I do when I am camping and

matching pictures with my writing

what I would like to improve:




project rocket

project rockitLast week project rocket visited us. They talked to us about internet safety and how we can help stop on line bulling. They also did an activity were 6 people were chosen  to go up the front and got given a number, there were 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.  2,3,4,5,6 went outside while 1 and the audience were told a story. Then 1 would act it to 2 with out talking, then 2 would act what they saw to 3 and so no till 5 would act to 6 and 6 would say what they think the story was. the two stories were very different. From this I learnt that when information is passed around the internet the story will change a lot.

Year 6 agreements

We agree to…

  • Respect ourselves, others and our learning environment~ I think I am going very well on this one
  • Respectfully listen using our eyes, ears and bodies~ I think I am going alright I will try to do better?
  • Be creative~ I think I am going very well on this one
  • Take risks~ there haven’t really been risks
  • Show, not just tell when showing the way~ I think I am going pretty well
  • Embrace opportunities~ not many opportunities but I am going to try tennis this year
  • Treat others as we would like to be treated!~I usually Just do this so I think I have
  • Be inclusive~ I think I have been inclusive
  • Be respectful and mindful of learning spaces~ I think I have done fairly well
  • Be open-minded and embrace differences~ I think I have done very well
  • Create a happy environment~ I have done my best to make the environment happy
  • Try our hardest to be better at everything~ I have tried my hardest at everything
  • Help each other out~ I try to help others out when I can
  • Use our initiative~ yep I have used my initiative
  • Listen to each other’s thoughts and ideas~ I think I have done well
  • Learn from our mistake’s~ yep I have learnt from my mistake’s