scratch 27/11/2015

on Friday I worked on scratch but decided to have a rest from the life of cat and dog and started a decision maker but it always lands on yes. After lunch we found that someone had wrecked our machine so we took out our cute little decoration that had been cut up. when we did the test our machine worked again.

the big thing / scratch 19/11/2015

Today in the big thing/ scratch I did scratch most of the time. I worked on my dumb ideas animation but it is taking so long and I have not even done a script so I decided to make a new one and just get  my sprits from the sprite library. with Mia’s help I have a script and two sprits. I also learnt how to switch the sprite so it can walk. after scratch we did the big thing loop. ours worked just the same as last week.

programing 18/11

ollietoday in the programing session Mia Ceci and I made an awesome program on a Ollie. we did it in the quad so we marked the spot that it starts at but by the end of the session we decided that it has a mind of its own because every time we ran the program it goes in a place. it went into the year 8 classrooms a few tines but lucky no one was in there


today in scratch I found a way to stamp Ceci’s t-shirt. all you do is make them into separate sprits, click the stamp button on the head sprite and drag the t-shirt onto the shoulders of the sprite. I also  went to google to find a picture of some clothes for me and I am yet to do Mia


today we had another scratch/big thing session so because I have finished the big thing ramp I decided to do scratch. I started of just working on the dumb ideas with Mia Tilly and Ceci, I finished rubbing out the background of Ceci’s picture and got a t-shirt that I am going to put on her. All the Scratch people shared what they have done so far, I really liked Sophie’s lyrics video on firer flies it was really good because all the pictures matched all the words and were timed perfectly . I also liked the one Abby did about the guy on the type rope, it was also really good because she made him do a flip in the middle of the type rope.    snip

The Big Thing

Today in the big thing session I have already  finished my ramp so I came back to 5 a and b to catch up on some writing. .

I am writing a pace about a girl who wakes up one morning and was in white cliffs not at home. She finds a really good opal and pays someone to build a dugout. I will also probably make a book 2. I will post it here when I finish it.