dumb ideas with Mia Tilly and Cc

Today in our programing session I started my animation on scratch with Mia and Cc. I made a sprite that is meant to be a model. I started by getting a photo of my sister that looks stupid and rub out the background and put her in a fur coat. I am also going to make Cc Mia and myself to make us do dumb things.

design for the big thing

Ttunnleoday in  design we finished our design, measured our wood and built a tunnel. The tunnel was built for interest, to build the tunnel we bent a peace of  cardboard into a shape we liked and put some wood on the sides to weigh it down and used pipe cleaners to keep it there. 

term 4 programing

dumb5This term I will be using scratch for my programing project. I am going to join with Mia and CC to make an animation called Dumb Ideas With Mia, Tilly and Cc. It will include different themes for example at the park or at home. If it is successful it will be like a funny TV show that makes you laugh  showing you what not to do. To do this I will need to work out how to make an animation and think up really dumb ideas.

Ramp for the big thing

Today we found out  our groups for the big thing, I am with Mia and Cc. We decided to do a Rube Goldberg machine but were later told that we were only supposed  to do one part. We are now making a ramp with sides and supporting blocks. This is the design we worked on this lesson  WIN_20151022_132053 (2)

The Honest Truth

the honest truthThe Question she asks in the darkness is “why”

I think she is asking why Mark has decided to run away and climb Mount Rainer  when he has cancer and doesn’t know how long he has to live

I think Mark just wants to climb Mount Rainer before he dies


yr8 cr8

Today we went to the yr8 cr8 expedition. I also went last night, I saw a Gide dog stand with a guide dog next to it. The dog was so cute and the things she has written are so inspiring I have decided that I want to do the same and train a guide dog. To do this  you get given a 8 week old puppy and look after them at your house and give them back at about 12 to 18 months in this time you have to take them on trams buses and trains to get him/her use to being in public.


scratchmazeIn scratch this year I have made quite a few games, one of them is a game called maze. My reviews  tell me to make a second  level, make it easer and make a backdrop when you win or touch the lines. I was already going to make a second level and make the backdrops but I will also try to make it easier. I think I went well and learnt a lot like how to use scratch and what it takes to make a game.  I am very happy with what I have achieved. If I could do it all again I would probably try to make more complex games or a video.



lego mindstorm

I found the programing system confusing because the blocks didn’t give me the information I needed. My programs didn’t save properly and were wiped from the robot. I enjoyed building it was quite fun but I didn’t get to build much but it was still fun. when we showed the teachers the program it wasn’t there it was wiped from the robot so I had nothing to show but I did make half a program but it didn’t save properly. If I had a chance to do it all again I would continue trying to work out what all the blocks mean.