robot programing

In robotics our robot is starting to work I have fiddles about with the programing and   wrote a program, I didn’t really know what I was doing but it made my  robot move forward then do a dog wine and it repeats 100 times.


This term we are working in robotics we are making and programing robots. It is super fun and challenging. A problem our group is having is the batteries only work for a couple of minuets then they die,  we are trying new batteries charging them tonight hopefully they will work.


this is one of the programs I have written but I am not shore what it dose lego mindstorm


This week in tribes the told us we had to make a chart with a circle on it, in the circle there was a triangle so there was 4 spaces in the middle there had to be a pitcher of some one you look up to. On one of the sides has to be your favorite colure, on a different side has to be a favorite toy or sport and the last side has to have your favorite food.


A couple of days ago we made two red and white spinners one even and one uneven. Even spinners have an even chance of landing on red as it dose white but an uneven spinner has more chance landing on red over white or white over red. When we tested our spinners my uneven spinner spun 8 out of 10 red.