Lego education Center

On Tuesday we went to Lego Education Center to build some Lego. The first activity my group did was making a fairest wheel and power it different in wayIMG_0315s, the ways we used were, solar, wind, spinning a motor or plugging it into a little green box that you have saved energy into.

Another activity we did was we programed robots to get a rocket from the end of the table and bring it back then we had to try to make it go around a sun that was printed on the table.


The last activity we did  was building a car and finding out if it would go down a ramp faster and thither if it has extra wait or bigger wheels. I really enjoyed this activity.



Yesterday we had Allegro all day, and at the end of the day we had a mini concert. I learn French horn for Allegro and I really enjoy it. The French horn is a very hard instrument to play and because you can put down the wright finger fore that that note but you wont always get the right note, you also have to august your lips by tinting them fore a higher sound and loosen them to  make a lower sound. It was a very fun day and I enjoyed it sooo much 🙂



in drama yesterday we had our big play back theater performance. I was the conductor/host of our play back theater and put an accent on that put the hole thing over the top. it was very fun and I cannot believe what we pulled off in 3 hours and 15 minutes.