I have just started a new pace of writing and it is about two girls who go undercover with the police to catch a criminal that has stolen an ancient queens crown and replaced it with a plastic tiara he stole from the two dollar shop his next strike is at the school…

I will type a copy of the story when I have finished it

f1 cars

yesterday we spent one hour making f1 cars out of cardboard stencils in groups of two or three, I worked in a group with Georgina and Phoebe. After lunch we went up to the library to test our car. They all got down the 25m track in less than 3 seconds. It was really fun to build and race.


In maths today we got 6 cards with numbers on them and 2 paces folded into 3 of paper. With these we had to make the write the numbers from the cards on the paces of paper to make the biggest and then smallest number possible. Next we had to line up in order from smallest to largest.

The sand Junes

on the holidays I went to kilkunder, at kilkunder there were giant sand Junes. We slid down the sand Junes on our boggy boards we went so fast and it was so fun. there was about hath a meter of sand before the water so at the end we splashed into the water, we even built a ramp.


At the moment I am writing a series about a boarding school for girls called St molly’s boarding school for girls. The story I am writing right now is about a midnight feast. All the girls were invited except Alison nobody liked Alison and Alison so she was not invited so when she found out about the feast a few changes had to be made.