In the editing stage I used Corel, (other than the lagging) my main set back was definitely when Corel wouldn’t except the footage so I put it into format factory, but when it came out of format factory it was tipped on it’s side. So after a long think I decided that my best hope was to put the footage (1 film at a time) into movie maker (because movie maker accepts pretty much everything) and saved the “movie” so that it wasn’t tilted into movie maker’s “for high definition display”. then I put that into Corel and it all worked out ok.

learning post | week 8B


In Maths this week we continued with our backyard project. I have even bought a Kelpie named Edie (he’s so cute), Anyway I have already explained the project so there’s no point in explaining it again. So I am liking how it’s coming along 🙂 We have also started a new project called “My life in numbers” basically what we have to do is find a number that has something to do with ourselves and write an equation that equals that number.  


In English this week I have written a peace that is pretty much bringing out all the sad emotions. I think the reason I wrote it is because it’s easy to write about anything sad really, and it almost always tapes into their emotions. But I have mainly been publishing.  


In Inquiry this week we have added the final touches to our films and submitted them to the K-drive. As you know Mia and I have done a promo film for landy field. So on Friday we watched some of the films 🙂 🙂 🙂 



Here is my (late) production post.

So for this iproject I will be comparing some dives. Towards the start of the term I got my mum to film me at one of my diving lessons. then I did the same thing at one of my resent diving lessons, So that’s why it has taken so long to get production complete. So for production I pretty much had a normal diving lesson and at the end my mum came and filmed me.

Sorry this post is short but I didn’t really do anything special for my iproject filming so there isn’t really much to wright about.

learning post | week 7A


In Maths this week we have started a new project were we have to re-design our backyard, we have a $10 000 price limit and can choose the stuff we put in it from the Bunnings, Miter 10 and Masters websites to find prices we also have to use rough measurements. I have really enjoyed this project so far and hope it will continue to be this much fun


In English this week I have been trying to think of an idea to start a seed on. I didn’t end up publishing a peace I wrote about someone opening a fortune cookie with a scary message in it because it didn’t have like any emotion in it and it didn’t have much meaning to it, over all I didn’t really like it so I didn’t waste  any more time publishing it. I did find a picture on google that I think could make a pretty good peace and t haven’t used a picture as a seed fore quite a while so hopefully it will turn out well.


In inquiry this week I have started to edit my landy field film. We have not quite finished filming yet so we will have to go back to landy field. I have gotten the discus from Mrs Ratcliffe and now I just have to wait till Friday (witch is when Mia and I have planed to film)

learning post | week 6B

This week lots of our subjects were interrupted by swimming so this post will be a bit shorter and less detailed. I have also been really tired this week because I have been in the pool 7 times in 5 days so here is my all subjects learning post for this week.  


In maths this week we had a maths test. I think I did pretty well, all the things on it were quite easy (though it was a year 4-6 test so I think it should be easy because I am year 6). we also had maths groups and this week we have been focusing on perimeter and the difference between perimeter and area


In English this week I started, finished and published a perspective peace about an animal being caged called “in my cage”. we have changed the conferencing stage to this little checklist were three people give you feedback and then you conference with a teacher.


In inquiry this week we have still been working on our personal projects. Mia and I have finished our shotlist and on Thursday after school we went to landy field to film. At landy field we filmed Mia high jumping (her specialty) and her running on the track. On Saturday morning we will be going back to film on some stuff we didn’t have access to yesterday 🙂 🙂 🙂

My learning post | week 5A


In maths this week I have continued with the algebra sheet witch was fun I am stuck finding a question only with one letter that I don’t already know but I have found knew letters so now the problems look like. We have also done another algebra problems that are a bit harder so it takes a bit longer to do each problem but its still algebra so I guess algebra has been our focus for a couple of weeks 


In English at the start of the week I had a bit of writers block until in masterclass when I went to Mr panckridge’s session witch was all about thinking about an idea for writing. He gave us a couple of examples including one about a little boy who is very ill and this old man comes into his hospital room and says he’ll be all right the twist is that the old man is the little boy from the future….  


In inquiry this week we have started a new project 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 The project is a Personal Film Project. Mia and I are doing an Advertising film for Landy Field. We have done quite a bit of brainstorming and Mia has already got some footage from her Digi witch she did on a high jump training session so we might use some of that. Anyway I am really excited about this film project and cant wait to get into it.

Zoo Conservation film


The first thing we did was choose an animal from the SOS10 list. I chose the Australian fur seal because I wanted to find out more about the seal and they seemed like beautiful animals. Next we had to research our animals, I got most of my facts This website: http://www.actwild.org.au/animals/seal/    with my new found knowledge I wrote a script.

Excursion to the Zoo

Then we went to the zoo to get our footage, all the people doing the Australian fur seals and the lions got put in the same group so we were going from the seals to the lions and back to the seals… and so on. So we went to the seal show and we were all filming that so when it finished I started to pack up the DSLR (witch was the camera I was using) and Mia was waiting fore me. We saw the others leave but we just thought we’ll catch up so I finished packing up my camera and Mia and I set off to find the others but we got to the end of the path but there were like 10 different directions they could have gone so we went back to the seals and filmed our voice overs. We were just finishing up when they came back and found us.  


In the editing process we started by culling unwanted footage and converting the rest and putting it on the K-drive. Then we put it into Corel do our voice overs and add music. I didn’t get to the adding music part so when I got to feedback well you’ll see…


As I said before I didn’t add the music so lots of people told me to add in music (witch I was already going to do but didn’t know what music to put in) so I found the Samsung song and just put it into my film. Another thing I had to do was mute some videos and stuff like that that I didn’t notice. 

My film:

Learning post | week 4B


In Maths this week we have been working on algebra. We started this sheet were you have to figure out the letters for each letter of the alphabet, we started with two letters and had to try to figure out what the others are using the algebra problems.


In English this week I have been struggling to come up with an idea to start a seed on, I had a conference on my War peace but I’m not sure how I am going to publish it because it kind of goes off and on from letter to what he is thinking, if anyone has an idea on what I could do please leave a comment 🙂 🙂


In Inquiry this week I was editing my zoo film. Our first draft was due on Tuesday, when we assessed each others films. Then we made changes to improve our films. I had to mute some footage and put in music witch I had to download and put in. I submitted my final film today !!! 🙂 


What have you needed to do to prepare for your project?

I have been diving for a while now and I have always done it at the senior school pool. I will need a camera to fiplaninglm a couple of training sessions with but it wont be too hard to get all the things I need.

What types of shots have you included in your shotlist?

I have mostly used voiceovers and text on screen for dialog and for the shots I will be using films of me diving and time laps of me editing and that sort of thing, the reason I didn’t add in a peace to camera (PTC) is because when I will be filming I will be wet…

What is the next step for you?
Next I will move onto the production stage 🙂 🙂 🙂

Learning post | week 3A


In maths groups this week we have been working on an on going project were we measure and mark out angles on an image of our choice. along with that there roughly 20 minuet guru sessions on ways to mark and measure angles.


In English this week Mr Wade came in and did poems with us, I wrote one about an apple witch was pretty much what everyone wrote about so…yeah.


In inquiry this week we have started editing our zoo films, as you know I did mine on the Australian fur seal. So I culled all the footage I wont be using and started putting it into Corel. and started to think about music and cool editing effects.