What I learnt this week – Term 4, Week 7

Maths: This week in maths we started a new project in project maths. It is a garden project where we get to design our own garden from scratch. We have a budget of 10,000 dollars. We have to get all the measurements exact and we have to screenshot everything we are going to buy. I did this project in year 3 at my old school and I think this project is very fun.

English: This week in English I published my zoo film script. I also did a seed on eggs and I am doing a draft on how to fry an egg. I have published 10 pieces of writing already and am hoping to publish more.

Inquiry: This week in inquiry we have finished our shotlist and are ready to start filming now. I hope we can finish it all in time because the last session we did I was at a drum lesson and when I came back all Jacob and Zoe had done was download a song from youtube.

What I have learnt this week – Week 5, Term 4

Maths: This week in maths we did more algebra. We did a sheet with some balance equations. I taught the class and used a strategy called jumping the fence.  It is where you have to swap the numbers around so that all the numbers are on one side and all the letters are on the other side of the equals. The rule is that when you swap the integer over, it become the opposite value. E.G. -4x will become 4x and 4x will become -4x. The other thing is that if a number is behind a – sign or a division sign it has to be treated as that value.

English: This week in english i finished a new book. It will be on my reading rant page soon. I also did a seed on surfboards. I wrote a piece on a boy who could see the date of peoples death above their heads. But oneday he notices something odd, The date over every bodies head is all the same, November the 27th. I am hoping to publish this piece soon.

Inquiry: This week in inquiry we started a new thing called a personal project. It is like an iproject but is with all of year 6. I’m in a group with Jesse Mc, Zoe and Jacob and were doing a video on healthy living.

What I have learnt this week – Week 4, Term 4

Maths: This week in maths we did some more algebra, This time Miss Torney gave us some equations on the board and we had to try and work out what x equals. I found it very easy and I want to be challenged more.

English: This week in English I published my elements piece. I made a paper mountain to represent earth, A paper wave to represent water, paper clouds to represent air,  And a paper flame to represent fire. I have put my poems into conference and I hope to publish them soon.

Inquiry: This week in inquiry we actioned  our feedback from the feedback session we had. All I got was to change the music because some people said it was too upbeat. After that I finished my final copy of the zoo film and put it in the k drive.

SOS 10 film – Australian Fur Seal

This term our project as to make a film about one of ten endangered animals at the Melbourne zoo. I chose The Australian Fur Seal. Next we had to research our animal. I researched my animal and found some great facts. Then I moved onto my script. I used all the facts and information I found out about my seal to construct my script. It wasn’t very hard to get my script done because I got most of it from researching. Then came the day of filming. In the morning we got all our cameras and scripts ready for the day ahead. Some people had great successes and great disappointments but in the end we all got some footage. After the actual filming came the editing. I put all of my footage into corel and then started to edit, and edit, and edit. I found some images to compliment my footage And then started to do my voiceovers. After I finished my voiceovers I lined them up with the footage, added some music and voila, The masterpiece is finished. After finishing my masterpiece, my piece de resistance, My cherry on top we did a feedback session. My only feedback was to change the music, so I did. Then after we had finished our final draft came the last positive reinforcement session. Here are the comments I got.

I really think your film made me care about your animal and be aware about seals – Isaac


I liked how the music wasn’t too upbeat and not too sad, also good use of imagery-Callan


you had some really powerful imagery-sergej


I think you had a really powerful message Harry H


Your message was really strong and the music suits it – Owen


You had a few really powerful images that got your message across – Jack


I liked the images that you put into the film and the message was clear and strong. Harry Sadler


i like all the facts you shared-olly🍕🍔


the photos were very powerful, really good. spencer


I really liked the facts you included and your music really complemented your film. Great job-Tilly


The photos you used in your film had an extremely powerful message. I liked your music, and the piece to camera was done well. The facts were awesome. – Angus I


Your P.T.C was really good and I liked how the mucis was just playing softly and your footage was amazing. – Nick


I love the interesting facts you used. Great footage. The music suited it really well – Steven


Your P.T.C. was really good and your footage was amazing. It really made the audience care about the seal and why it was dying out.-Mary B.


i liked the confronting photos that made me care for the animal-Noah:)


I liked the choice of music. I also liked the facts and the footage. The music was at a good volume, same with your voiceovers – Harry Santa


iProject – #planning

For my iProject I am making a surf movie. It will be called the 5 because there will be 5 surfers featuring in it. I will probably only make a trailer and then maybe blog post the full film. I am making it with my friends from my old school. Here is their youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk8PpC8lv8ADmEfRj4dxXQQ. Please Check them out and maybe even subscribe! here is my shotlist and schedule for filming.

Scene/Checkpoints Description (Storyline) Shotlist Dialogue/Audio/Text on screen
#description Making a surf movie Typing “making a surf movie”
#planning Finding a mouth mount and planning days to film Walking into quicksilver, finding mouth mount and anti fog
#production Filming Surf clips
#editing editing Editing clips
#complete Complete film Show complete film

iProject Term 4


Week 3A Wednesday: Mouth mount Gopro Friday: Cahill from beach


Week 4B Wednesday: Mouth mount Gopro Friday: Cahill from beach


Week 5A Wednesday: Mouth mount Gopro Friday: Gopro


Week 6B Wednesday: Mouth mount Gopro Friday: Gopro


Week 7A Wednesday: Mouth mount Gopro Friday: Gopro


Week 8B Wednesday: Mouth mount Gopro Friday: Gopro


Week 9A Editing

What I have learnt this week – Week 3, Term 4

Maths: This week in maths we did problem solving with algebra. We got told the answer to two letters and from them we had to figure out the rest. It was fairly easy. I worked with Lukas and Bailey and did almost all of it without a calculator.

English: This week in English I did a writing piece on the elements. I also did a poem on a panther and an apple with Mr Wade (original).  I am hoping to get these writing pieces published soon.

Inquiry: This week in inquiry I worked on my zoo film. I recorded my voiceover and remixed a song on mixcraft. I have almost finished my first draft. I am yet to source my images because I forgot about sourcing things from the internet. I am hoping to finish on Monday.

What I have learnt this week – Term 4, week 2

Maths: This week in maths we did algebra on a website. We had to do balancing e.g. 2x+3=x+5 and we had to work out what x was. I found it very easy because all of the answers for x were 3 or below. Miss Torney gave us an extra question which was supposed to be hard but I worked it out in about 2 seconds flat, the answer was 5.


English: This week in English I wrote a piece about the elements, wind, water, fire and earth. I tried to use lots of description and included all of the elements and least once, water over three times. I am also hoping to do some more poem/snapshot pieces about the elements. The hardest part about writing a piece is starting it, I find it really hard to start a good piece. But once I get started it all flows easily.


Inquiry: This week in inquiry we started to work on our zoo films. First we had to clear all the Geelong promo film footage and the corel file, which gave me 22 gigabytes more space. Then we downloaded all the footage onto our laptops and cleared the card. After that we culled our footage and then shared our culled footage on the k drive. Then we started putting all our footage into corel. I like all of my footage apart from my piece to camera, where you couldn’t see my face because under where you could see the seals swimming underwater didn’t have many lights. I am almost up to the editing stage.

iProject | #description

This term for my iProject I will be making a surf movie with some of my friends from my old school. I will be filmed mostly on Wednesdays and weekends.


The purpose of this film is to combine my year 6 knowledge and my favorite sport to make a film to entertain. I can’t wait to start. I know it will be challenging but I still want to try.

Geelong, For kids, By kids


This term we have been working on a film for Tracy from Geelong Tourism. We had to create a promo film called Geelong, For kids, By kids. First we started off by analyzing the films on the Geelong Tourism’s Youtube. Then we had the challenge of working out the filming locations. There were lots of places like Barwon Heads, Torquay, The Waterfront and many more. We all brainstormed filming locations in small groups on a piece of paper. Then from there the teachers decided that 6C would Film at Eastern Beach, 6B would film at Leisure link and Hill Mountain Bike park, And 6A(I saved the best ’till last) would film at Supa Tramp, The general Torquay Area and Bells Beach. Then came the Groups. I was with Tom as my filming partner and I was sharing my footage with Clara and Lulu. Then I did the Planning (Tom away away for most of this). I put my props and shotlist into a word document. For those who don’t know a shotlist is a list of shots that you will take. Then came the Filming. When we went to Supa Tramp the driver went the long way so we ended up with 45 minutes of filming instead of an hour. We were pretty productive at Supa Tramp and got 5 minutes of free play time at the end. Then we went to Torquay the next day. First the bus dropped us off at the surfcoast shire sports grounds and we filmed some footy and soccer, as well as Tom’s RC car. When we finished our filming we went back to the bus to find no bus driver! Apparently he was at the toilet but I suspect he was actually on Pokémon Go! After we found the bus driver we went to Point Danger. We walked to the beach (sadly we weren’t allowed to swim of surf ) and we did a fair bit of filming. Then we walked/skated over to Cozy corner for recess. I also climbed a really cool tree to get some gopro footage. Then we went over to Torquay play park to get some more footage. Then after that the bus drove us to Torquay skate park. We got some pretty good footage but it was hard to skate around with 23 kids kicking soccer balls around, bailing their skateboards and driving ollies literally  straight into your skateboard wheels. Then we walked over to the surf shops and took some nice shots. After that we looked for ICECREAM!!!!! We looked everywhere but nowhere had ice cream so than we went to macca’s to get McFlurries!!! Finally we went over to Bells Beach. The surf wasn’t great but we still got very good shots. Then as soon as we got back to school we put all our footage onto our laptops. Now came the editing stage. First I had to clear 19.93 Gigabytes on my laptop. Then I pieced together my film bit by bit. Once we had finished our first draft w got other people to watch our films and give feedback. Then w took on that feedback and used it to improve our films. Now the teachers are choosing the best 2 films from each class to give to our client.