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Emmaline and I have finally finished our passion project and now the only thing left is feedback.

Emmaline and I didn’t really get much feedback because our project is not a film, but here is most of the feedback that we got.

  • mikayla – next time, we could maybe take more footage of us making  the actual things like a time-lapse. She also said we could have narrowed down our ideas earlier because we had  to modify our ideas along the way a lot.
  • Mum – (Mum said basically the same as mikayla) and that we should have been a bit more organised.

I agree with the feedback we were given and if we had a next time for our passion project i would definitely take on the feedback that we were given.


well I have enjoyed doing my term 4 passion project and i am going to do my #complete post soon.


BYE!! 🙂


Mission Complete!

Mission complete!!

emmaline and i have fully completed our passion project! now we just need to share it.

what went well:

  • we made some cool stuff
  • we used most of our time wisely.

ferris (Emmaline’s dog) liked the dog biscuits.

  • organisation, we did a good job at organising times to meet up and things like that.

what could we work on:

  • we could have made more items because we had extra time and materials.
  • we could have done some more research, because we got halfway through making something and realised that clay and paint will poison fish!

things i learnt were:

  • how to make a dog toy
  • how to make a pom pom.
  • research before making things

i guess this is my final passion project post.

and here is the link to my blog site incase you want to see my other passion project posts.


here is our film.

BYE!! 😝

passion project #production!


Emmaline and i have finished production stage, as some of you may know production stage isn’t a huge stage, but our production stage was quite big! We made heaps of changes to our project like…

  • not making a dog kennel.
  • not selling the stuff we make.
  • no fish tank decor (we thought the clay and the paint might poison them)
  • we decided to make dog clips to put on a dogs collar.

those are all that i can think of on the spot, so now the things we kept the same…

  • Cat toys
  • dog toys 
  • dog biscuits

I think that’s all. So that is not many.

but of course it couldn’t have gone that smoothly, we had heaps of issues such as…

  • we burnt a batch of dog biscuits ( Emmaline’s dog still liked them though)
  • we struggled to get together and make stuff
  • when we did get together to make stuff we got distracted.

That is just some, we had many more.

Overall I think we did a good job and Emmaline and I would love to share our project at the year 6 expo.

here is the link to my blog incase you wanted to see my other passion project posts –  



🙂 Bye!!!


SOS 10-Zoo Conservation film reflection.

Hi Everyone! 

This term all of year 6 have been working on a project…

Zoo conservation film!!

This was the brief outline we were given:

  • choose 1 animal out of 10 to be your chosen animal to do a film on.
  • research – find out as many facts as you can about your animal
  • Script-put together a rough script 
  • Feedback- get feedback from 3 reliable sources on your script
  • Decide which line you will do your PTC (Piece to camera) on.
  • ZOO!-Go to the zoo and film your animal, and film you PTC. 
  • Edit-put your footage and photos into corel or adobe and your PTC.
  • Voice overs-do your voice overs and add it into your film.
  • Feedback-get feedback on your first copy, then final draft feedback.

Ta Daaaa!

And the animal i chose was…


here are the stages we went trough..

  1. Planning
  2. Excursion to the zoo
  3. Editing
  4. Feedback



  • The tasmanian devil is nocturnal (which means that they are active at night, not day) so we did not get much  footage of him.
  • I had trouble getting my voice over right, I kept making mistakes until I decided to make my PTC shorter so i could memorize it.



What did I enjoy…

  • I loved going to the zoo, because i had not been to the melbourne zoo before, so it was really exciting to see all the different animals.
  • I enjoyed doing the voice overs because it  was not hard to do them and they turned out better that expected.


Here is some feedback people gave me on my final copy…

*~~ Feedback~~*


– I really liked your choice of words and the facts you included-Callan

I really like your script because I feel like it really connects with the audience -sophie

your voice over was really good and the imagery was very impactful. -Mikayla

really good voice overs and great matching music – Emily fry

I really liked all of the voiceovers – Barnaby

Your voice was clear and the facts made you care. – Abbi

I agree with Abbi, your film makes you really care about the animal and do something about it. – Georgie

I love your start. You hooked me in straight away. Your facts are great and your voice overs are consistent. I think you explained the threats really well, and I think it was powerful when you linked it with the tasmanian tiger- Emmy

Your music, facts and PTC were all really good and I agree with Emmy. – Emmaline

this is great the message in here is very strong well done- harriette

I think the pictures really fit your message and your music, your P.T.C. was really good, well done!-Mary B.

Your information is really great and the emotion is great.-Camilla

your message is really clear and you have great footage-elsie

good pictures your message is really clear – Jesse

I liked how you put out your message really well and I also I liked the music that you put in too. This video was really well done! -Georgina


And here is my film…

(hope you enjoy!)



#planning, term 4


Planning, planning is the most important part of making a film, did you know that you spend more than half of your time making your film planning, and less time actually filming your film.

Emmaline and I are going great with our passion project, we have already had two meet ups for planning, and we stayed focused for enough time to get our planning done. 

So far Emmaline and I have figured out what things we are going to make and what we need to make them, with the building things with wood and/or clay, we are going to make them in my dad’s shed, and the things with arts and crafts we are going to make at Emmaline’s house.

Here is a list of the things we are going to make:

  • dog kennels, we are going to make this at my house and we might make 1 or 2 of these because we might not sell any, but if it looks professional then people might buy them.
  • Cat toys, we are going to make small mice we are going to make these at Emmaline’s house, we are going to make these out of different fabrics, colourful string for tale and beads for eyes, we are also going to make these things that are a bamboo stick with a string tied to the end and on the end of the string a bunch of feathers.
  • Dog biscuits, we are going to make these at Emmaline or my house (we haven’t decided yet) and these biscuits are going to be bone shaped and I can’t remember the ingredients and we are thinking of selling these for $1 or $2.
  • Dog beds, i am making the dog beds so i will probably make these at home, these will be quite large so i won’t be stitching these by hand i’ll be using a sewing machine to make them because it will take waaaaaay to long.

These are just some of our things that we are making there is waaay more, and hopefully we can make most of them.

So Emmaline and I are planning to make all of the things, and then sell them outside the RSPCA and with the money that we hopefully earn😁, we will donate to the RSPCA. and on our stall we are giving out free lollipops😋😝

I hope that you enjoyed my #planning post, i can’t wait to start production.

Below is Emmaline and I’s blog links so that you can see our #description posts.



#Description, last passion project.


Hi Everyone!

This is our final passion project so I will have to make it my best one yet, this term I am continuing on doing something about animals for my passion project except I am doing it with a different person and we will be doing something different to what i did last term.

This term i am doing my passion with…EMMALINE!

And for our passion project we are going to do something we are both passionate about…ANIMALS, so what we are going to do is we are going to make pet accessories, so we are doing like cat toys, dog beds, dog bowls, dog biscuits, fish tank sculptures, dog toys and possibly more.

What we are also going to do is we are going to sell these things to raise money to the RSPCA outside the RSPCA also we will have signs abound the place and at our stall.

*~~things that might go wrong ~~*


  • we might not earn any money.
  • we might not end up selling stuff.
  • we might have a rainy day on the day we are selling the stuff so no-one will buy anything.
  • we might not get to make everything.
  • our film might be too long.
  • RSPCA might not let us sell stuff outside their place.
  • RSPCA might be closed on the day we want to sell stuff.

yeah I have a pretty long list of things that could go wrong😁


we are going to do a film and i have a little bit of an idea that we can make our film in stop motion so the film doesn’t take to long – just an idea, not final


I am really really really looking forwards to our film, and i think it’s going to be my best one yet.

i hope you enjoyed my #description post and here is the link below⬇ to my blog site in case you want to look at my posts, and my #planning post will be posted soon.

Bye!!!!!!  😊😝😃   rspca_fbshareimage                            

https://blogs.geelongcollege.vic.edu.au/56702/ – ⬅LINK⬅                                                                                                                                          ⬅

schedule-> passion-project-schedule <- schedule




Geelong For Kids By Kid-Promo Film.

Geelong For kids by kids promotional film


This term we have been working on our promotional films, so earlier this term year 6 got a client, the client said that they would like us to make a promotional film about geelong called “by kids, for kids”, it’s supposed to be geelong in a kids perspective, some of the places we went to film were,

  • Leisure link.
  • Eastern beach.
  • balliang sanctuary.
  • bike track.
  • Barwon valley playground.

other classes went to,

  • Supertramp
  • Eastern beach.
  • Torquay

here is the process we went through,

  • brainstorm, we brainstormed ideas for which places we could go to in a group, we wrote them on a peice of paper and the gave them to the teachers.
  • we watched other promotional films to get ideas.
  • we got into our groups that we were given and came up with ideas, that we could film for our location we were given for our class.
  • shotlist, we created a shotlist, we thought about all the shots that we would do and what was our shot focus.
  • production, we went out and filmed, of course we couldn’t stick completely to our shotlist, if we got a good idea that wasn’t on our shotlist then we could film that aswell.
  • first draft, we dumped all of our footage and then we could make a first draft, it didn’t have to be perfect, it didn’t even have to be perfect.
  • feedback, we got feedback on our first draft so we could improve.
  • edit, we took on our feedback and made a second draft.
  • now we have our final product

_________________what challenged me,________________

  • music, it was hard choosing my  music for my film.
  •   corel, corel was being really glitchy so I couldn’t see what it looked like unless i rendered it.

________________what would i do better if we were able to start again,_____________

  • I would keep Ctrl S-ing more often (saving it) because at one point Corel started to not respond and it shut down the program and my work wasn’t saved ☹
  • manage my time better.


I hope that you enjoy my Geelong promotional film! ???

(sorry, i had technical difficulties with my film, i will insert it as soon as possible)

but here is phoebe and i’s shotlist:

sorry it’s a bit blurry, but if you press the orange link it should work.





Completed! Yes! WE FINISHED!!


Overall I think that phoebe and I did an OK job but there were some elements that we could have done better in:

  • Time – phoebe and I could have managed our time better.
  • Our film goes for a while-we could have shortened it.

____________positive stuff____________

  • I like the animals we put in
  • i like our voice over script it was nice and it goes nicely with the background pictures.


Soon we are going to share our passion project, i am really excited to share it with other people, and i can’t wait to see what they think of it! ???

Here is our film, hope you like it!!



Book Trailer

Book trailer

What is a book trailer?

It’s a short film made to make people want to read the book, they are made to leave the person who has watched the book trailer in suspense, wanting to watch more, or in this case buy and read the book.


_________________What book did I make my book trailer about? __________________

I did mine on the book 127 hours, I can‘t remember the author but it’s a book about a hiker who is hiking and falls into a big, big deep crack and his arm gets trapped underneath a big heavy rock ( which he can’t move ) the book is about how he is there for 127 hours but starts to starve and get dehydrated, so then he decides to do the unimaginable, he gets his pocket knife out of his backpack and starts to cut his arm off!! Then he is free.



_________________________What struggles did I go through??____________________

Not too many.


  • My disk kept getting full so I couldn’t open Corel until I deleted enough stuff.
  • Corel was being glitchy so I could barely watch my film.
  • Corel stopped working sometimes.


  • I found some good pictures off the internet to put into my film.
  • I could actually think of words to put in my trailer.
  • Sometimes Corel wasn’t glitchy so I could watch my film.

_________________What I could I have done better______________

  • I think that I could have made it a bit longer and more suspense.
  • I could have used better quality pictures.
  • I probably should have done it a bit earlier.






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