One Last Try

Hi everyone, guess what OUR PASSION PROJECT IS DONE!!!!!!! Finally after a lot of riding, grooming, filming and blogging we have finished. It took a while but we did it, and I am overjoyed with happiness with how it turned out, but yet I am still very sad that it is our last one ever. I have had a terrific year completing the passion projects, and this last one was probably my favourite.  Being so passionate about all the topics chosen made making and completing the 3 passion projects lots of fun.  Mastering all the equipment and working as a team with each partner were 2 of the things I am most proud of. Here is my latest passion project on “Expectation vs Reality – Equestrian”. I hope you enjoy it.

One Last Try

Hi everyone, we have nearly finished our final PP for the year.  As you know the final step is feedback.  As yet we haven’t had any feedback as we have just finished our project.  Lily and I have tried really hard to produce an entertaining and informative final PP for you to watch, I hope you enjoy it and will give us some constructive and positive feedback.  I will post what feedback we do receive in the comments box below.  I hope everyone else has enjoyed doing their PP’s and I look forward to watching their final projects in the next few days left of year 6.

One Last Try

Hi everyone, now that Lily and I have finished riding we are moving onto the untacking stage. Well we’re moving off from the production stage and onto the editing stage. The production was a blast but that’s over and we must start to put the film together because without the editing you wouldn’t have a film it would just be a few short clips. We have all the footage we need and a ready to start editing. To make our film more professional we are using Adobe Premier, because it has that little bit more than Corel. In the production stage we used a DSLR camera for the filming and since we have these cameras at school we knew how to get the footage out and onto the computer. Once all or this was done we started cutting footage and more. Since Lily and I couldn’t catch up much Lily did most of the editing and I just helped (Also because I ‘m not 100% with Adobe yet). Once we finish our editing it’s onto the feedback stage. We are also one step closer to finishing our project.


One last Try

Hi everyone, Lily and I are literally tacking up our horses and riding on into the production stage. After a lot of grooming and planning we are moving onto the filming stage of our project. Lily and I have both worked out who will be doing what and can’t wait to finish our project. For a starter we filmed my scenes together (Phoebe acting and Lily filming) then Lily did hers with her mum and dad, it took a while but we did finish it. The footage turned out really well and we were so happy with it. We had some good actors in our project like the horses and us, we especially couldn’t have done it without the horses.


  • Phoebe
  • Lily
  • Tara – Horse
  • Rory – Horse

We all tried really hard I think and I can’t wait to show you our passion project.


Save The Helmeted Honeyeater

Hi everybody, lately in class we have been working on our Zoo conservation films. Our zoo conservation film is a film we are making for one of Melbourne zoos top 10 endangered animals aka SOS 10. We were shown a website that had all the animals on it, we had to pick one to do a film on. In the end I chose the helmeted honeyeater to do my film on. I chose the helmeted honeyeater because it’s such a beautiful animal and I had always loved it’s helmet like patch of feathers. After everyone had chosen an animal we started researching them, after doing a bit of research I found out that the helmeted honeyeater is only found in Victoria, it’s Victoria’s state emblem and lots of other cool stuff. Once my research was done I set to work making the best script that I could, it took me awhile but once I had finished I was pretty happy with it.  Since we had done our research it was time to go on a excerption, can you guess were? The Melbourne zoo of course, we had to get some footage of the animal so we went to the Melbourne zoo to take photos and get some films. Once we were up at the Melbourne zoo we were split into groups, my group consisted of other Helmeted Honeyeater kids, Philippine crocodile kids and GG who had the Baw Baw frog altogether our group had 9 kids in it. We went around to see all the animals but the problem was that when we got to the Helmeted Honeyeater enclosure there was only one Helmeted Honeyeater and we could barely se it, then with barely any footage we headed to the Philippine crocodile enclosure and left the cameras there and we never found them again. So we came back with no footage at all and we had to get footage of the internet. Once we got back to school we started making our films it took us lots of time but in the end we finished it, then we got feed back because this was only our first draft. After I got some feedback and changed a few things we put in our final draft (The finished thing) and got some positive feedback not constructive we had finished after lots of hard work we had finished.  Here are some  positive feedback I got:

Your film is really good. it shows the message really well and the music suits the message.

Emily F

I really like your imagry and footage. Your message about saving the helmeted honeyeater is really clear and your music really suits the video. -Mikayla

The script to your film was really powerful, and I can sense that you feel strongly about this beautiful bird. Your images suited the pace of your film, and the transitions seemed to work decently. Well done! – Angus

music made it powerfull good clear message great job -Jesse

The music suited the film really well and your script was well written-Callan

There is such a powerful message – Barnaby

really strong message well done-ellie

I liked how you used a question in the film because it really caught my attention to think about it. -Georgina

you have really good footage and clear. your message is also very clear-elsie

I like the effects from photo to photo and your voice overs were consistent and very clear. The message is clear and was put across well – Emmaline

I liked the voice overs and the script it was all very clear and the music helped get the message across. Harry Sadler

i liked your effects bewteen all the pictures-sergej

The imagery and videos are really good and your script is well written. You said your voiceovers with lots of emotion and your message was very clear. Well done Phoebe!

– Jesse McDougall

Love your music and all of your footage as it is so clear. Your photos are very nice, great voice over! I feel for the helmeted honeyeater! GREAT JOB -Jade





One Last Try

Hi everyone, as you all know Lily and I are tacking up to do a passion project. We have moved past the starting gate and are into the back straight taking on the #planning stage. We have made a shot list and it includes approximately 18 scenes. There are 4 parts to a shot list,

  • Scene: Subdivision of our passion project
  • Description: Describe what the “scene” is
  • The type of shot: What film shot we are going to use
  • Dialogue: What text or voice overs we are going to use

The #planning stage is one of the most important stages in making a film, like selecting a well bred race horse researching the best food for it and the best training until race day – “it’s all in the planning” without the planning there is no film. The planning stage takes up 60% of a film and the filming only takes up 15%. This is because without the planning stage you wouldn’t know what to film or say. With the planning stage you do know what to film and it’s just a gallop though the finish line for the filming.

One Last Try



Hello everyone, as you all know I love horses and shall be saddling up to do another passion project this term.

I am collecting all my tack and working alongside another equestrian guru classmate, Lily Rowlands.

Together we will take you along for an awesome ride at a galloping pace to show you an amazing passion project that is both informative and fun.

We have put our heads, and tails together to plan an expectation vs. reality project that is about the real aspect of horse riding.

Riding may be simple, as your horsey expectation tells you, but Lily and I will show you the horsey reality – and that the two are poles, and cavaleties apart.

We will take you on an insider’s view of what will be happening as the week’s unfold. Hope you have a laugh, learn some new things and enjoy our passion project

One last chance to impress……




Companionship Film On Animals

Yay, we finally finished our passion project.?

I think that the film turned out mostly how we planned, but there were a few things that I think we could have improved on. We probably could of improved on these things.

  • Samantha and I could have managed our time better
  • We could have communicated better
  • Got less footage to put in

Other then that I think it turned out really well.

There were some things that I really enjoyed when making this film, here are some of the things I like about the film and what I enjoyed about making it.

  • I enjoyed taking photos of all the animals
  • Doing the voice overs
  • Listening to the film with the music and voice overs.

Here is the film that Samantha and I made. I hope you like it.



Adding The Pro To Promo

Advertising Film

Hi Everyone,

This term in school we have been working on a Absolutely Awesome project for a company called “Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine”. The project we had  to do was make a film for them to use to attract people to come to Geelong.  The reason Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine wanted us to make a film for them was because they had found out that we had done a Intro to Media term about making films, so they said that it would be great to get Geelong from a kids view instead of always having from a adult perspective. First we had to figure out were to go, we tossed around some different places until we found what we thought would be the perfect spots. We had certain places that we had to go in our classes here they are.

  • 6A – Super Tramp and Torquay
  • 6B – Balyang Sanctuary and Leisure link
  • 6C – Eastern Beach

We had to be put into little groups, so 2 from each class so that we had footage from all the destinations, my partner was Samantha and from 6A was Aimee and GG, and from 6C was Olly and Harry.  The teachers organized a day that we would all go and film the destinations that were decided. I had brought in a DSLR camera for Samantha and I to use to film the locations. The first place the we went was Balyang Sanctuary, when here we filmed the park, the pond in Balyang Sanctuary and the bike track. Once we had filmed all the footage we needed we headed to leisure link. At leisure link we all got into our bathers and headed to the playground that Mrs Stafford had booked for us, there were three allocated camera monitors that had chosen to not get wet and film for use, which was very nice of them. After we had all the footage that we needed we headed back to school to collect the footage. Once we had the footage that we needed we could start making our films.

After lots of hard work and determination I finished my film, and here it is.


Book Trailer

Lately in class we have been working on our promotion films for Geelong and Bellarine tourism, but I was thinking that it would be fun to make a film about the book I have been reading. It’s called  “The palomino pony on Parade”, It’s a good book and I would recommend reading it. I hope you like my mini movie.

I hope you liked my mini movie. Thanks for watching!!