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Reading log || Week 9A || Term 3

Hey guys, This week i am doing a reading log, and i will be sharing my learning with you.  Book: Parvana Task: Book Advertisement: Design and write an advertisement for your book. You may choose the type of advertisement – a… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 7A || Term 3

Hey guys, this is my reading log. I will be sharing to you what i read, and what task we are doing. Book: Parvana Author: Deborah Ellis Task: Who / What am I? Think about a character, setting or thing from… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 6B || Term 3

Hey guys, this is my reading log, where i will be sharing all my learning and my reflection about my reading. Book: BFG -Roald Dahl Task: Preparation for BOOK WEEK: Next week we have Book Week. What was your favourite story… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 5A ||Term 3

Hey guys, this week i am going to do a reading log ? Task: Watching Words: Locate and record various words from your book which describe the following: Character                        … Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 4B || Term 3

Hey guys, i am doing another reading log. Book: 65 story-treehouse Task: Developing a Narrative: Choose a fiction book you have read recently. Think about the stages of this narrative – its Orientation, the Complication and the Resolution. What happened in… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 3A || Term 3

Hi Guys! This is my weekly reading log, The task is to tell the readers/Audience about the positives, minuses, and the interesting things about the character. Book: Divergent Author: Veronica Roth   Positive: Tris survives, And she pulls through and makes… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 2B || Term 3

Hey guys! I am doing another reading blog. This time I am reading a different book. Task: Theme: Choose a recently read book. What morals or messages do you think the author was trying to impart to the reader? Explain,… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Term 3 || Week 1A

Hey guys! This week i am doing another reading log, and this time it’s going to get a little more interesting….   Task: Term Three Goals: What new genres would you like to explore? and why? What reading routine will… Continue Reading →

Reading log || week 8A || Term 2

Hello reader’s!  This week i am reading a book called: Danny the champion of the world… The author is: Roald Dahl The tast is: Book Recommendation: Choose a recently read book to recommend to others. Explain your choice.  I have read… Continue Reading →

reading log

hey guys! This blog post is about one of my books called: ‘gangsta granny’ author: David Walliams the task is: Poetry: Choose a character, setting, event or whole book as inspiration to create a poem. Use any style you like… Continue Reading →

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