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Hey guys, this is my #feedback post for my iProject ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here are some questions i am going to answer.. What do other people think of what you have done for your project? When camilla and i shared our iProject,… Continue Reading →

#editing || Week 9B || Term 4

Hey guys, this is my #Editing post for my iProject ๐Ÿ˜‰ by this point i have finished my first draft of my iProject. for my start i used a blurred out photo with the caption (Emily and camilla’s iProject) (Im… Continue Reading →

#Planning || iProject || Term 4

Hey guys, Quick update camilla and i are changing what we are making. Instead of making a the stuffed pretzel cookie, we are going to make cake pops instead, but we are still keeping the chocolate milkshake. #Planning For this… Continue Reading →

#Description || iProject post|| #1

Hey guys, For this term’s iProject, i am doing one with camilla. We are thinking of baking something like a warm chocolate chip cookie stuffed soft pretzels,ย With a really cool Caramel Milkshake (It says add vodka, but we are taking… Continue Reading →

iProject || Week 8B || Term 3

Hey guys, this is almost my final blog post for iProject! I am now finished with my iProject + i have finished the video as well. How are you going to share your project? I am going to share my… Continue Reading →

Iproject ||Week 6B || Term 3

Hey guys, I am updating you on my week 6B iProject post. This weekend, I finished my iproject. To remind you, I have done my iProject on art, so I bought some crayons, and some canvases, then a hairdryer and… Continue Reading →

Iproject || week 3A || Term 3

Hi guys! this is my final idea iproject post. i will be doing an arts and craft project. This is where i get an easel then draw a picture, then i will hot glue colorful crayons to the easel, then… Continue Reading →

Iproject Term 3

Hey guys, this term we are doing another iproject, iprojects are something where you share your hobbies, or new skills of that hobby, for example, my iproject is about netball, so i might do a skill, like when playing GS… Continue Reading →

iProject Expo Reflection

Hi all, Today we had a iproject expo, where some people share their iprojects, and i was one of them. My iproject is about cooking as you know from my previous post’s, but i only showed the chocolate roulade, not… Continue Reading →


This week for my iProject i will have finished the cooking, but i have decided that i am NOT going to do the chocolate roulade, because it didn’t turn out right, and also i am having trouble with corel..its being… Continue Reading →

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