Hey guys, this is my second reading rant where i explain to you what i’m reading.


Title: Holes

Author: Louis Sachar 71nobezfzal

Stanley Yelnats finds himself in a camp called, camp green lake. A camp for bad boys. Digging holes in the dried up lake bed, the boys at camp green lake must dig holes each day, five feet deep and five feet across.

But what are they digging for? Why did camp green lake dry up?

This book is a fiction. It’s very interesting, and i would recommend it people who love adventure and adrenaline rush books. i loved the text i think it was very well put together, i was so hooked in by the first chapter!

I would rate it a 9/10

Why would you rate it a 9/10?

I would rate it a 9/10 because i have really enjoyed reading it, it’s so interesting and easy to read. It also hooks you in a lot, once i started i didn’t want it to finish. 😉




Hey guys, this is my first reading rant. Hope you enjoy.


Title: The best day of my life

Author: Deborah Ellis

There is a girl called.. and she makes money by picking up coal. Soon enough she gets sick and tired of picking up coal and gets on a truck that takes all the coal to a farm, they keep traveling and traveling until they get to a stop where the men get out and find her in the back buried in coal….

This is a fiction type book, some scenes in this story are real, like when people pick up coal. I loved this book and i would strongly recommend it, this book really shows you what religion it is, and how they do things. I have also read 3 other books about different religions and what/how they do things.

bbbI think the text is very suitable, maybe they could add a twist, like a fantasy character or something. I Would recommend this book to kids over the age of 11, because some younger kids may not get the meaning of some objects like clothes e.g kebaya, although many kids may not know the meaning of those clothes/objects.

I would rate the book a 10/10 i really got hooked and usually I don’t find many books I like, so I guess all these religious books are really getting my attention. I love books with some history behind them.