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Subjects || Week 3A || Term 4

Hey guys, in this post i will be sharing my learning from this week to you. Maths: Last week in maths we we assigned to do a project called angles, where we print off a picture of a cool house… Continue Reading →

#Planning || iProject || Term 4

Hey guys, Quick update camilla and i are changing what we are making. Instead of making a the stuffed pretzel cookie, we are going to make cake pops instead, but we are still keeping the chocolate milkshake. #Planning For this… Continue Reading →

Subjects || Week 2B || Term 4

Hey guys, this is my post where i share my learning from this week. 🙂 English-Writing: This week in writing i have been working on a seed called war, it’s about a dead soldier who gets a letter from her… Continue Reading →

#Description || iProject post|| #1

Hey guys, For this term’s iProject, i am doing one with camilla. We are thinking of baking something like a warm chocolate chip cookie stuffed soft pretzels, With a really cool Caramel Milkshake (It says add vodka, but we are taking… Continue Reading →

Choice day reflection

On the 15/9/2016, We had choice day, There were different activities, on a page and you had to number them from 1-6. My first choice was mosaic madness, (and i got that activity) where we create a mosaic of something… Continue Reading →

iProject (Final)

Hey guys, This term we have finished another iProject. My iProject was about melting crayons onto a canvas, so like melting wax with a hairdryer. This didn’t take long to do, i did 3 paintings/ design, and i bought 48… Continue Reading →

Geelong By Kids for Kids

At the start of the term we got told that we had a client, so we had to create a 90 second film of some parts in geelong that kids would love to go to. Our client makes films about… Continue Reading →

Subjects || Week 9A || Term 3

Hey guys, in this post i will be explaining to you my learning this week. Maths: In Project maths this week, for billiard ball bounces we had to find a rule. Or share a rule that we found, the way… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 9A || Term 3

Hey guys, This week i am doing a reading log, and i will be sharing my learning with you.  Book: Parvana Task: Book Advertisement: Design and write an advertisement for your book. You may choose the type of advertisement – a… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 8B || Term 3

Hey guys, this is my reading log where i share my thoughts and explanation about my reading. Book: Parvana Task: Comic Strip: Create a 4 part comic strip about an event from your book. Don’t forget speech bubbles! Information: It’s about… Continue Reading →

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