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Goals – asked by Parents

My mom and dad have asked some goals that i have to set. i really hope that i can master these goals so i get better here are the goals!! Practice tennis Complete more activities in khan academy editing my… Continue Reading →

Weekly Relection

My goal is to get neater handwriting, i think that i can do much better. i really want to achieve this goal and i have tried for a long time! My goal: practice handwriting How have you gone with your… Continue Reading →

Writing Self-assessment

Name: Emily Santalucia                                               Date: 12/2/16        Things i have learnt about writing To make sure i have enough… Continue Reading →

Black cat!

I have been working on a piece of writing called: Black cat, I have done a few of the same poems but each time it gets better after that I add them altogether but not repeating the words, when I finished it… Continue Reading →

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