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Subjects || Week 4B || Term 3

Hey guys, this is my subjects post. I am explaining to you what i have learned this week. Maths: For maths this week we got two problem solving questions. The first question is about a girl went to the movies… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 4B || Term 3

Hey guys, i am doing another reading log. Book: 65 story-treehouse Task: Developing a Narrative: Choose a fiction book you have read recently. Think about the stages of this narrative – its Orientation, the Complication and the Resolution. What happened in… Continue Reading →

Subjects || Week 3A || Term 3

Hey guys! In this post, i will be explaining to you what i have learned this week. Maths: Today in maths my class did the task building views on maths300, on maths300 we had to copy the building that it… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 3A || Term 3

Hi Guys! This is my weekly reading log, The task is to tell the readers/Audience about the positives, minuses, and the interesting things about the character. Book: Divergent Author: Veronica Roth   Positive: Tris survives, And she pulls through and makes… Continue Reading →

Subjects || Term 3 || Week 3

Hey everyone, this week I will be sharing what I have learned this week. Including     Maths: Today in maths we have been focusing on this new project, it’s to do with problem solving. Each fortnight we will be… Continue Reading →

Digital Citizenship

Hey guys! While some of you were doing you TED style talks, the other half if us were doing a project called Digital Citizenship, we started off by writing s script about something happening weather it’s a bully online, someone… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 2B || Term 3

Hey guys! I am doing another reading blog. This time I am reading a different book. Task: Theme: Choose a recently read book. What morals or messages do you think the author was trying to impart to the reader? Explain,… Continue Reading →

Subjects|| Term 3|| Week 1A

Hey all, i am coming to you with another post, this time it’s about my learning, what i have learnt. Inquiry: This week we have been doing a project called Cyber safety, and for this project we have to do… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Term 3 || Week 1A

Hey guys! This week i am doing another reading log, and this time it’s going to get a little more interesting….   Task: Term Three Goals: What new genres would you like to explore? and why? What reading routine will… Continue Reading →

Iproject Term 3

Hey guys, this term we are doing another iproject, iprojects are something where you share your hobbies, or new skills of that hobby, for example, my iproject is about netball, so i might do a skill, like when playing GS… Continue Reading →

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