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Subjects || Week 4B || Term 4

Hey guys, this is my learning post. Maths: This week in maths i completed my angles project. I had to start a new one because when i went to name the different angles they were all right angles, but i… Continue Reading →

Subjects || Week 3A || Term 4

Hey guys, in this post i will be sharing my learning from this week to you. Maths: Last week in maths we we assigned to do a project called angles, where we print off a picture of a cool house… Continue Reading →

Subjects || Week 7A || Term 3

Hey guys, this is my learning post, where i explain to you what learning i have done this week. Maths: This week in project maths, when have been given a new project called billiard ball bounces, the aim of this… Continue Reading →

Subjects || Week 6B || Term 3

Hey guys, i am explaining to you my learning and my reflection of my learning for this week.   English/Writing: This week in english/writing, i have finished my 2 ‘FEAR’ Draft, and i’m thinking about some publishing ideas. I don’t… Continue Reading →

Subjects || Week 5A || Term 3

Hey guys, i am going to explain to you, this week’s learning! ? English: In English this week i have put in a new piece, called ‘Is this a nightmare?’, This piece is based on a girl in a bad… Continue Reading →

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